Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dry Heat

In less than one week, I'll be on my way to New Mexico! My husband was lucky enough to score a free vacation for two there for 3.5 days and 3 nights. I've never been to New Mexico, and I'm so thrilled to go!

I'm not going to lie, though. While thoughts of Santa Fe, NM conjure up thoughts of pueblos and caverns and things of the sort to some people (my mother being one of them), my first thought was the shopping. Oh god. Have I really turned into this bad of a shopaholic? Well, I'll wear that badge with pride.

I'm looking forward to snagging great pieces of silver & turquoise jewelry. Maybe I'll find some leather-fringed items (and we all know I'm a sucker for those). Whatever I find, I'm completely excited about going to the downtown market area they have there and seeing what I can snag.

Here are some pieces inspiring me:

For Love 21

For Love 21

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Have you ever been to the Midwest US? What is there to see there?
Did you find a shopping mecca anywhere on vacation?

Oh, and lastly, if anyone is interested in doing a link exchange (I'll link to your blog, you'll link to mine), let me know! :)


Gabby said...

I've only driven through NM (which is bad because AZ is right next door!) but we see a lot of that type of jewelry in towns nearby Phoenix, too. The first necklace is gorgeous!

Linda said...

Oh, that's right! Honestly, I'm AWFUL with geography, so I didn't even know you were even semi-nearby. I'm very excited, though, to check out the Native American wares while I'm there!

i_heart_vintage said...

I think you were the one who recommended Burlington Coat Factory for pleather motorcycle jackets. I went yesterday (with my 20% off coupon!) and got a cool dark gray one for $17.99. Thank you for the tip!

Ps... I'm linking to your blog (which I found through Sarah's) :)

Linda said...

i_heart_vintage: Oh yay! I'm glad you had luck there! I found so many interesting things there when I went.

Thank you! I'll put up a link for your blog, too. :D

Brooke Alexandra said...

I'll trade links with you (I found you from wr2bam), if you tell me where that sweet motorcycle jacket is from!

Linda said...

brooke alexandra: haha It's from (believe it or not) Wet Seal! I found it on a whim and love it!

I'll link your blog - thank you!!

Sarah D. said...

you're so cute! I love the shiny leggings on you (from the last post) and I hate them in theory :)

I have a lot of family in Santa Fe and it is aaaahhmazing. You can't walk two feet without running into a wall covered in turquoise jewelry, so watch where you're going! :)

Linda said...

Sarah_d: Gah, I'm so excited!!! I've never been to that area of the country, so it'll be a whole new experience for me. :)

And thank you! I was so opposed to leggings for a while....and then they grew on me like a fungus. haha said...

free vacation? coolll., have fun!

Linda said... Thank you! I'm so excited. I don't get opportunities like this often. :)