Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hello, hello! Oh, it's been so long since I've posted anything. I haven't forgotten about this blog. I suppose my "fashion endeavors" just haven't been very exciting as of late. I haven't bought too much new stuff, but that might be picking up again!

Last night was my work's annual Best of Baltimore party. I had a complete blast and dressed up like crazy. It has been so long since I've gone out anywhere that it was appropriate to go all out, so I took advantage.

Shirt: Forever 21, $13.90
Shorts: Forever 21, $19.80
Boots: Steve Madden via DSW, $69.99
Hat: Fredericks of Hollywood, $4.95!! (One helluva clearance find.)

And some of my completely fashionable friends!

I will really try to update more! I know that when I was putting more effort into this blog, I was also putting more effort into my outfits. Time to get back in the swing of things. ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eye on the Prize

I'm completely, madly, hopelessly in love.

A friend of mine pointed out a fairly new designer to me. She's from Australia and doesn't have too much for sale as of yet. Her newest outfits had my jaw on the floor, though. Everything has a style of rebel, rock n' roll, and classy trashiness to me. I'm just...I'm at a loss for words.

Here are some of the looks that stood out to me in particular.

This dress WILL be mine.

There is so much more on her blog. Platnium Evil, will you marry me?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another huge sale!!!

Sadly, the two pairs of shoes I was most excited about recently (Colin Stuart & Jessica Simpson) just.don' My loss is your gain...

Click here to go to my Livejournal! It's the 2nd entry down.

You don't have to have a LJ account to comment. Just comment anonymously and leave a place I can contact you.

....and I hate to ask this, but if anyone can repost this for me on their My Space/Facebook/whatever, I'd be eternally in love with you. LOVE.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Interior Decorating

For the first time since we've been together (and we're coming up on 10 years together), my husband and I are getting a new bed. It's not going to be anything super glamorous - just a queen size bed with a most-likely modest frame.

Because we're getting this and eventually all new bedding and such, I want to update everything in our bedroom and make it less cluttered and more "funky"-looking.

I'm looking for unique ways to store/display my jewelry and accessories. People are big on suggesting jewelry boxes or those little jewelry tree thingies. While those are pretty, I'm looking for cooler ideas.

So help me out!! How do you store your stuff, or how would you LIKE to store yours??

Here are some of my picture inspirations:

(This one is my #1 favorite. GOD I love Erin Wasson.)

I could use any kinds of tips or advice! (Pictures are always a huge help!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A lil bit of trash

I'm going to ignore the fact that the weather today in Baltimore is in the 40's, and instead, I'm going to concentrate on the fact that it was in the upper-60's all weekend. That kind of weather makes me think of nothing but summer fashion.

I usually take all summer clothing with a grain of salt. I figure that if it will keep me cool, that's all that matters. Well, what if it kept me cool AND I liked the way it looked?

I suppose getting some major inspiration this weekend didn't hurt either. My husband and I watched True Romance for the first time in years. Patricia Arquette's style in the movie had me on the floor. Red lipstick? Check. Cow-print miniskirt?! Check. Metallic blue Wayfarers?!?!?! CHECK!!!

Here are some styles I have my eye on right now.

Of course, it's not everyone's style, but I love the trashy 80's vibe that a lot of clothes out there have right now.

So what styles are YOU looking forward to rocking out this summer?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Want Need Want.

I love shopping - that's a given.
I'm convinced, though, that the only times that I really crave a good, old-fashioned shopping spree is when I'm as poor as the day is long. Ugh. Well, at least I can share some lovelies with you guys!!

I would like all of these, please-and-thank-you.

Forever 21

I'd love to cut the sleeves off of this, cut the neckline a bit lower, and pair it with a barely-peeking-out bikini top for the hot summer days.

I can just visualize this top paired over some shiny leggings with my slingback mules. Rawr.

I want this relaxed tank top in every color that they offer - and at only $6.50, that might very well be possible!

Cheesy? HELL yes, but words can't even convey how badly I want/need this shirt.

Oh god, yes.

I think I need to actually try these on next time I'm in the store. They look so CHEAP, both on the website and in person...but I've seen them in so many pictures from online fashion bloggers, and they look FANTASTIC in them. It's worth a shot.

I'm picturing these with a very "Sandy-from-Grease"-esque outfit.

Wet Seal


I could deal without the little bow, but I love the rest of it.

I've been looking at these since the day they popped up on the site (literally). I might need them.

I think that's enough babbling for now.
So what items are you coveting right now?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kickstart my Heart

Since November, the date "Saturday, March 14th, 2009" has been one that I've looked forward to. It turned out to be everything I could have hoped and more. I'm going to work fashion/beauty into this entry, but forgive me if my girlie chromosomes and glee take over at times. ;)

After spending a collective 6 hours waiting in line for it, I FINALLY got to meet my ultimate fashion idol - Kat Von D. She was doing a book signing for her new book, and I was ECSTATIC to meet her! She was even more stunning and rock n' roll in person, and I'm in awe.

Yes, I look a bit silly here, but you have NO clue how excited I was!

Kat and I! I have to admit that I got a little blushy when she shook my hand and exclaimed, "Girl, you look awesome!!"

From there, I was only back home for a mere few hours before it was time to go to the Motley Crue show. I donned an outfit that, for me, was extremely gutsy. I guarantee that many people looking at the outfit would think it was slutty, but screw it - I was happy. And for once in my life, I wanted to be a bit of a rock n' roll groupie chick (without the sex...haha).

I felt confident and awesome. I finally got to wear my new Lip Service vest and American Apparel bikini top. I also love this new necklace my hubband got me!

The concert itself was AMAZING!! Crue never fails to let me down. I was also super excited to see the opening band, The Last Vegas. If you haven't heard them yet and are a fan of dirty rock n' roll, do yourself a favor and listen now. I LOVE these guys!!

....and because I couldn't go without, I have to post a few of the Crue pictures I got!!!

The one, the only Tommy Lee.

Vince Neil.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm blushing!!

I have a few things worth mentioning (for once). haha

First off, I was SO honored to be awarded this from the fabulous Mrs. Munster's Magnificent Life!

How sweet is she! Thank you so much, doll. :) So now, I'm paying it forward. Here are some blogs I think are worth checking out:

1) Waitin Round to be a Millionaire: Sara's blog is probably what made me want to start my own in the first place. Everything about her blog just screams "awesome". It's all very well-written and every picture is perfection. Queen of Photoshop!! :)
2) Scarlet Empress: Javy is a complete sweetheart! Her takes on beauty are fantastic and always well-written.
3) Sugar Rush: I've loved Ashley's blog from the beginning, but it has only gotten better! She'll leave you drooling over her outfits AND her baking.

So thank YOU, all, for keeping me entertained time and time again!!

Secondly, okay, I KNOW you're all tired of hearing me talk about this, but...
I figured maybe you Style Sleuths could help me out here. ;)

I’ve been searching for this pair of boots for a LONG time now:

They’re Colin Stuart booties from Victoria’s Secret. They’ve been sold out on the website for months now. Do you guys have ANY idea for places I could continue to look for these?? I’m already searching Ebay daily with little luck. When they do pop up, there’s someone trying to charge close to $300 for them when they retailed brand-new for $99.

Do you have any suggestions for dupes of these?? HIGH, high heel, ankle boot, studs, etc.??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Ah, the event I look forward to every March. My work throws a party called the Cosmic Cocktail Party. Basically, about 40 restaurants from all over Baltimore, MD come and showcase their food and drink.

I really just use the party as an excuse to eat my face off. Have I mentioned in this blog before how much I absolutely adore food?? Well, I do. All of it.

PLUS! I actually had two drinks last night, which is a big deal for me. I VERY rarely drink, so after two of these little cocktail thingies, I was pleasantly buzzed. What can I say? I’m a cheap date. ;)

I was super excited to wear my new Forever 21 faux leather miniskirt, but WOW, is this ever MINI. I had to be careful when doing things like going up and down stairs or, yanno, WALKING. I love it, but maybe it wasn't the best choice for a work event. I might just wear this to the Crue show next weekend, though.

Black Faux Leather Skirt: Forever 21, $19.80

Joan Jett t-shirt:: Lucky Brand, $45 (eek! A HUGE splurge for me. Huge.)

Black platform shoes: Aldo, $80

Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Blathering

1) In my never-ending search for white leather fingerless gloves, I decided to take a chance on these, just to hold me over. Well, I got them in the mail today, and oh my god, they are pieces of pure shite. I can't really leave negative feedback since I got what I paid for...namely, $7 vinyl gloves from a Halloween store. Nonetheless, I don't know what to do with these. I suppose they could still hold me over, if only they didn't reek. The vinyl/plastic smell has warped into a gasoline smell.

Blarg. I don't know why these should be so hard to find! I FOUND the perfect pair on Polyvore:
The Perfect Gloves

2) Wet Seal isn't usually a store I frequent. Nonetheless, I'll still find things in there once in a while that are cool. They just got in some new stuff that is surprisingly drool-worthy!

a) SUPER cute ankle boots!
b) Buckled booties
c) ...shuddup. I think it's hot.
d) Skirt with huge railroad zippers?? Sign me up!

3) Do you ever get tired of every.single.item in your wardrobe?? The weather here in Baltimore has been so up-and-down lately. One day (like today, for example), it'll be 62 degrees. The next day (like tomorrow, for example), it'll snow. Because of that, I find myself wanting to live in nothing but skinny jeans and boots. I'm really considering hitting up a few Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrify shops in my area one day and refreshing my WHOLE wardrobe.

I'm so sorry for the lack of outfit-y posts lately, lovelies. I have some big events coming up (like MOTLEY FUCKIN' CRUE!!!) that I'm going to want to get all gussied up for, so expect some posts then. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

SO excited!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of my lovely readers!!

My husband and I are personally not huge fans of V-Day. I don't want to sound like a Scrooge here, but I personally think it's a bit of a Hallmark holiday, and I choose not to celebrate it. My husband feels the same way.


On Saturday (V-Day), we were out enjoying a super-greasy breakfast at Denny's when he let out a secret.

"This is NOT for Valentine's Day, but you have something coming in the mail to you." He told me that he got me the Lip Service pleather vest I've been eying for months!! I can't WAIT to receive it!

Now I'm just having fun putting together imaginary outfits with this vest in my head.
Rock n' Roll Leather
Rock n' Roll Leather - by cruxgothgirlie on

This vest is a bit edgy, so I'm a little intimidated by it. What would you pair it with!