Friday, January 30, 2009

What a steal!: Jessica Simpson

I'm sorry for the lack of face/outfit posts, kiddos! I have a nasty sinus infection an haven't been feeling altogether too attractive from it. Boo!

1) I am on WAY too many email lists from stores. Lately, because of the hard times, I've been getting email after email proclaiming, "FREE SHIPPING!", "90% off!!", "Buy one, get one free!!", etc. I'll admit - I click on every single one of them. Truthfully, I never BUY anything from them, though...until yesterday.

I got an email from Jessica Simpson shoes telling about a sale of "Take an additional 50% off all sale shoes!" A little peek won't hurt, right?

RIGHT! It didn't hurt at all. Why didn't it hurt? Well, there's a pair of shoes I've been slightly lusting over since August. They were $90, and while I liked them, I didn't $90 like them. LoL Yesterday, though, I *did* $19.99 like them!!!

Purrrrrrrr. I can't wait til they get here! If you want to get the sale yourself, it's on until FEB. 10 and the code is JANFW50.

2) I think I have some hair gurus that read this. Is there anyone who could help me with advice/tips on making my own clip-in hair extensions? I don't want streaks - I want the real thing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

WTF: Forever 21

This will be brief, but so it goes.

I was doing my normal daily browsing of the Forever 21 website. (Yes, I said daily browsing. When a good item pops up on that site, I've seen it sell out in one day! Gotta be on top of your game, man!) That's when I came across a new bracelet they're selling:

I have to admit that I had a complete "wtf??" moment when I saw this! Maybe I'm dating myself here, but back when I was in elementary school, the cool thing to do was to make these bracelets for your friends. You'd go to Michael's, spend $2.00 and leave with 10 different colors of braided string. They're STILL that cheap, too. I'm not sure how I learned to make these bracelets, but we all knew how to do it - some more elaborate than others.

Now, do we really need to buy these off of the Internet?? Please - go here and learn to make them yourselves. It's so much fun! Hell, I'm even going to re-learn this and make a gaggle of them for my friends.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Look: Plaid Scarf

Ages ago, a friend linked me to Stuff White People Like and I think I nearly fell over laughing my ass off. One thing stuck out to me:
I am

I pretty much have an arsenal of scarves in every color. Yes, I have a ton that are there to keep my neck warm when it's snowing, but most of them are there for fashion. I've noticed that some days when I'm feeling lazy, I can throw on a black t-shirt, jeans and a colorful scarf and feel instantly put-together. Do you have any accessories that do that for you??

The other day, Timm (my husband) surprised me with a new baby for my collection...and oh, I love her!

And something made me super happy the other day...
SNOW!!!!!!!!! It was snowing big, fluffy, gorgeous flakes for a while. Of course, being that I'm in Baltimore, this quickly turned into a big, fluffy mess. I was scraping 1/2" of ice off of my car this morning. Oh, Los I miss you!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Star Style

I've noticed that over the years, I tend to look towards "stars" for fashion inspiration. I'm not so much enamored by red-carpet attire, like most are. Rather, I get completely enchanted by seeing stars in their every-day wardrobes. Sure, I'll find a star here or there who catches my eye at a premiere of some big movie, but more or less, it's that paparazzi shot of some model holding her Starbucks latte that really gets me.

On a similar note, I tend to fall in love (lust?) with the styles of some fictional characters. Wow, that sounds silly typing that out, but so be it!

Here are a few of my current favorites:

1) Rihanna: How can you NOT love Rihanna's style?? She has a sort of fashionista-meets-bad girl style that I always love. Mix some chic leather or faux leather pieces (in black, of course) with red lipstick and a fierce hairstyle, and you can try to cop her look.

2) Kat Von D: Okay, so Kat has made some fashion choices that I don't necessarily love, but for the most part, I am 150% on board with her style. I LOVE the arsenal of vests that she has (and I'm currently searching for my perfect rock n' roll vest), and the guts she has to mix sky-high platforms with leather pants and such. I'm looking into getting some key items into my wardrobe, and this lady is a huge inspiration for me.

3 & 5) The Olsen Twins: I think you'd be hard-pressed nowadays to find a fashion list without these two beauties on it. Of course, I still have a bit of trouble seeing these ladies as grown-up as I can't stop picturing them as toddlers, thumbs in the air saying, "You got it, dude!" But I digress. RARELY are these two seen out in public wearing something less than an outfit most would kill for. I love how they're not afraid to take fashion risks.

4) Wanda Woodward (played by Traci Lords) in Cry Baby: Being that I live in Baltimore, Cry Baby (and any John Waters movie, for that matter) is on my list of favorite movies. Wanda Woodward is a tough gal from the 50s who spends equal amounts of time mouthing off as she does perfecting her hair. Her wardrobe is a mix of naughty secretary classics (pencil skirts, sweaters) as it is bad-girl biker chick (leather jackets, red lips). She is the epitome of naughty-meets-nice.

6) Miley Cyrus: I'll admit it - I don't know ONE Miley Cyrus song. I've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana. Hell, the most I know about her is that she is Billy Ray "Achey Breaky Heart" Cyrus' daughter. Nonetheless, whoever is the stylist for this teen is AMAZING. I love the rocker clothes that she's constantly out performing in. Hell, I've even seen her wearing Lip Service, a punk/goth line from back in my teenaged days.

7) Kayla in Airheads: No, Airheads wasn't an award-winning movie. It is, however, one of those movies that every.single.time it's on cable, I can't turn it off. Kayla was always my favorite character in the movie. Looking like something straight out of a Whitesnake video, Kayla spends most of her time on the Sunset Strip and dresses for it. She has a look that constantly says "I'm with the band", and god, I love it.

So tell me - what stars inspire YOU?? Do you gravitate more towards red-carpet styles, characters, etc?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a few outfit/makeup posts coming within the next few days, but in the meantime...

Is there any generous soul out there that might be able to help me make a new header for this blog? I'm really tired of the one I have, and I just don't feel like it suits me. Any help would be appreciated!!

xoxo Linda

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Accessory of the day: Lit up

I have to admit - I feel like a bit of a poseur. That's a word I haven't used since sometime around 1997, but it still holds true. Why do I feel like a poseur, you ask?

So glad you asked. ;)

I am NOT a fan of Avril Lavigne. That song, "Skater Boy" makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out and shove them into my ears. Graphic image? Yes. All too true? You bet.

Trust me - I tried to resist when I saw her clothing line, Abbey Dawn popping up in Kohl's stores. When I received a ton of gift cards to Kohl's for Christmas this year, though, I couldn't resist any longer. I finally snagged an awesome vest (with Flying-V guitars for the zipper pulls!?!) and some hot earrings and a necklace.

Dammit, why couldn't these have been made by Nikki Sixx's clothing line?? Maybe I wouldn't feel so dirty. ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Treat yourself!!

Sometimes you just have to be bad...and it feels so good.

The minute I saw this, I knew I couldn't pass it up. I saved up, sold clothes I didn't need, and treated myself tonight.

So did you treat yourself to anything this holiday season??