Friday, January 30, 2009

What a steal!: Jessica Simpson

I'm sorry for the lack of face/outfit posts, kiddos! I have a nasty sinus infection an haven't been feeling altogether too attractive from it. Boo!

1) I am on WAY too many email lists from stores. Lately, because of the hard times, I've been getting email after email proclaiming, "FREE SHIPPING!", "90% off!!", "Buy one, get one free!!", etc. I'll admit - I click on every single one of them. Truthfully, I never BUY anything from them, though...until yesterday.

I got an email from Jessica Simpson shoes telling about a sale of "Take an additional 50% off all sale shoes!" A little peek won't hurt, right?

RIGHT! It didn't hurt at all. Why didn't it hurt? Well, there's a pair of shoes I've been slightly lusting over since August. They were $90, and while I liked them, I didn't $90 like them. LoL Yesterday, though, I *did* $19.99 like them!!!

Purrrrrrrr. I can't wait til they get here! If you want to get the sale yourself, it's on until FEB. 10 and the code is JANFW50.

2) I think I have some hair gurus that read this. Is there anyone who could help me with advice/tips on making my own clip-in hair extensions? I don't want streaks - I want the real thing.