Monday, January 26, 2009

Star Style

I've noticed that over the years, I tend to look towards "stars" for fashion inspiration. I'm not so much enamored by red-carpet attire, like most are. Rather, I get completely enchanted by seeing stars in their every-day wardrobes. Sure, I'll find a star here or there who catches my eye at a premiere of some big movie, but more or less, it's that paparazzi shot of some model holding her Starbucks latte that really gets me.

On a similar note, I tend to fall in love (lust?) with the styles of some fictional characters. Wow, that sounds silly typing that out, but so be it!

Here are a few of my current favorites:

1) Rihanna: How can you NOT love Rihanna's style?? She has a sort of fashionista-meets-bad girl style that I always love. Mix some chic leather or faux leather pieces (in black, of course) with red lipstick and a fierce hairstyle, and you can try to cop her look.

2) Kat Von D: Okay, so Kat has made some fashion choices that I don't necessarily love, but for the most part, I am 150% on board with her style. I LOVE the arsenal of vests that she has (and I'm currently searching for my perfect rock n' roll vest), and the guts she has to mix sky-high platforms with leather pants and such. I'm looking into getting some key items into my wardrobe, and this lady is a huge inspiration for me.

3 & 5) The Olsen Twins: I think you'd be hard-pressed nowadays to find a fashion list without these two beauties on it. Of course, I still have a bit of trouble seeing these ladies as grown-up as I can't stop picturing them as toddlers, thumbs in the air saying, "You got it, dude!" But I digress. RARELY are these two seen out in public wearing something less than an outfit most would kill for. I love how they're not afraid to take fashion risks.

4) Wanda Woodward (played by Traci Lords) in Cry Baby: Being that I live in Baltimore, Cry Baby (and any John Waters movie, for that matter) is on my list of favorite movies. Wanda Woodward is a tough gal from the 50s who spends equal amounts of time mouthing off as she does perfecting her hair. Her wardrobe is a mix of naughty secretary classics (pencil skirts, sweaters) as it is bad-girl biker chick (leather jackets, red lips). She is the epitome of naughty-meets-nice.

6) Miley Cyrus: I'll admit it - I don't know ONE Miley Cyrus song. I've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana. Hell, the most I know about her is that she is Billy Ray "Achey Breaky Heart" Cyrus' daughter. Nonetheless, whoever is the stylist for this teen is AMAZING. I love the rocker clothes that she's constantly out performing in. Hell, I've even seen her wearing Lip Service, a punk/goth line from back in my teenaged days.

7) Kayla in Airheads: No, Airheads wasn't an award-winning movie. It is, however, one of those movies that every.single.time it's on cable, I can't turn it off. Kayla was always my favorite character in the movie. Looking like something straight out of a Whitesnake video, Kayla spends most of her time on the Sunset Strip and dresses for it. She has a look that constantly says "I'm with the band", and god, I love it.

So tell me - what stars inspire YOU?? Do you gravitate more towards red-carpet styles, characters, etc?


Corinne said...

The only stars I really ever pay attention to style-wise are Jennifer Aniston and MK&A! Usually I'll see an outfit on a celebrity or model and go "Oh, that's cute, I like that top" then the next time I see a photo of them I'm thinking "WTF?!" I love Jen Aniston's style because it's very casual and classic, and when she's on the red carpet, she always makes a statement in an understated kind of way. I love how the Olsen twins are always willing to take a chance with their looks!

Recently Lindsay Lohan has been catching my attention. Even Britney Spears has been doing decently!

Linda said...

As far as red carpets go, I think you're right about Jennifer Aniston! She makes a statement, but not because her looks are flesh-baring or such. She's just that picture of elegant classiness!

Anonymous said...

I love Kat Von d.!

she got that rock n' roll look
I think only Kat can pull it off. hahaha