Thursday, January 29, 2009

WTF: Forever 21

This will be brief, but so it goes.

I was doing my normal daily browsing of the Forever 21 website. (Yes, I said daily browsing. When a good item pops up on that site, I've seen it sell out in one day! Gotta be on top of your game, man!) That's when I came across a new bracelet they're selling:

I have to admit that I had a complete "wtf??" moment when I saw this! Maybe I'm dating myself here, but back when I was in elementary school, the cool thing to do was to make these bracelets for your friends. You'd go to Michael's, spend $2.00 and leave with 10 different colors of braided string. They're STILL that cheap, too. I'm not sure how I learned to make these bracelets, but we all knew how to do it - some more elaborate than others.

Now, do we really need to buy these off of the Internet?? Please - go here and learn to make them yourselves. It's so much fun! Hell, I'm even going to re-learn this and make a gaggle of them for my friends.


Corinne said...

Wow, people are paying good money for that? I LOVED making those!

Schmoo said...

I remember doing a bunch of these with plastic lanyard in camp each summer but I never really knew how to do more than just the basic box weave. :D

I guess they're just saying that now you can buy friends rather than make your own!

Linda said...

Corinne & Steph: I know! Isn't that insane? I just remember spending so much time as a kid making these that it's hard to believe they're selling them.

But yes, buy your friends. hahaha

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