Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dancin' down on the Sunset Strip

Hello, hello, hello! I've missed you all. ;) On Friday, my husband and I got back from our vacation in Los Angeles, CA. I can't even put into words what that city did to me. Granted, I didn't even see half of it (probably not even an eighth!), but I fell in love - the kind of love that literally keeps you up at night. There was something about the city that just made it feel like home to me.

I did everything I wanted to, and more! I went to The Rainbow, The Whisky, and more. It was my heaven. ;)

I only had one day to really shop, so we focused on Melrose Ave. Sadly, I didn't find too many gems there. I was able to get a custom-sized leather wristband and some badass rhinestone sunglasses, though.

These pictures may not show a large variety of chic and interesting outfits, but they do show "what I wore". ;)

This pretty much became my uniform while I was there - huge sunglasses, light hoodie, leggings, Aldo boots. It was comfortable enough to walk around all day in, but fun enough to go out at night in, too.

My husband and I at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill. I've been loving the HELL out of my metallic Forever 21 jacket. It's the perfect jacket for chilly nights.

Little tidbit about me: I'm mildly obsessed with Slash from Guns n' Roses. (By "mildly obsessed", I mean that my husband has given me free reign that should Slash show up on my doorstep, I'm free for the night. LOL) I also found myself living in my silver hoop earrings the whole vacation.

With my friend, Kymmy on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Yes, we laid down in the middle of a busy sidewalk for this picture.) How fashionable is she?!? I'm loving her slouchy boots over the gray skinnies.

The two of us outside the Whisky. I found this sequined cap at the Frederick's of Hollywood in (duh) Hollywood for $5. I couldn't decide whether I loved it or hated it. I then decided I loved it and wore it to the Whisky that night. ;)

We went to see the Make Rock History finals at the Whisky. Here, six unsigned bands got to perform for the chance to be the opening band for Motley Crue's next tour. The judges? Motley F'N Crue themselves!! It was a bit surreal to be there with about 150 people...and Motley Crue. I couldn't stop smiling like a fool realizing that they were only about 10 feet above my head all night. ;)

Also, there was a video montage that Guitar Center (the sponsors) did of the whole night...and I'm in the video!! (Okay, it's only for a split second, but still!) Check me out around 0:31 or so. I'm giving the thumbs up. ;)

And last, but not least...
The tattoo I got from Melrose Tattoo! "Life is Beautiful" is from a song by Nikki Sixx's side-project, Sixx AM. The skull is from a doodle that Slash always draws.

I will NEVER forget this trip. Ever.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Goodbye for a week, my dears! This East-Coaster is off to Los Angeles, CA! I'm more excited than words can say. Be prepared for a full report when I come back, complete with cheesy, touristy pictures and whatever I buy there. ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High couture

Probably the most fashionable, chic thing I've worn in a while.

Monday, November 3, 2008

One Look: I've been baaaad...

As I know I've mentioned one too many times on this blog, I’m not one to spend more than $30 on…well…almost any item of clothing. You can imagine, then, how buying these boots was a MAJOR purchase for me! It’s really pathetic how hard I searched for appropriate knock-offs of these, but there was always just something not-right about all of the ones I found. Ah well.

Black Blazer: Mossimo for Target, $20
Black Leggings: Forever 21, $6.50
White Shirt: Silk-blend, H&M, $13
Boots: Camenisch from Aldo, $150

On Sunday, I leave for my first visit to LA and I am frickin’ excited, man. Sure, we’re doing some of the usual touristy shite, but for the most part, my hubband and I are doing the rock n’ roll tour of LA – The Whisky, The Rainbow, etc. Any recommendations for things we HAVE TO see while we’re out there? I plan on rockin’ out with my…well…you know.

I suppose most importantly...

Where MUST I shop?!? ;D

**Also, if you're in the U.S., please, please vote tomorrow. We have a big decision to make, and you need to let your voice be heard! I know mine will be.**

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I will be updating tomorrow FINALLY. I'm so sorry that it seems that I've abandoned my beloved blog, but things as of late have been madness, both at work and otherwise.

I will have bits on my Halloween costume (which won me a $40 prize at work!), my latest "I've been bad" purchase, planning for my trip to Los Angeles in a week and more! Love you all!