Monday, November 3, 2008

One Look: I've been baaaad...

As I know I've mentioned one too many times on this blog, I’m not one to spend more than $30 on…well…almost any item of clothing. You can imagine, then, how buying these boots was a MAJOR purchase for me! It’s really pathetic how hard I searched for appropriate knock-offs of these, but there was always just something not-right about all of the ones I found. Ah well.

Black Blazer: Mossimo for Target, $20
Black Leggings: Forever 21, $6.50
White Shirt: Silk-blend, H&M, $13
Boots: Camenisch from Aldo, $150

On Sunday, I leave for my first visit to LA and I am frickin’ excited, man. Sure, we’re doing some of the usual touristy shite, but for the most part, my hubband and I are doing the rock n’ roll tour of LA – The Whisky, The Rainbow, etc. Any recommendations for things we HAVE TO see while we’re out there? I plan on rockin’ out with my…well…you know.

I suppose most importantly...

Where MUST I shop?!? ;D

**Also, if you're in the U.S., please, please vote tomorrow. We have a big decision to make, and you need to let your voice be heard! I know mine will be.**


Gabby said...

Yay! A new post from you :)
I think that the boots were definitely worth it, they look awesome on you.
And you can count on me to vote tomorrow :D

Linda said...

Aw, thank you babe! I'm COMPLETELY loving the boots and don't regret buying them one bit. :D

(And psst! Obama FTW.) ;)