Monday, October 20, 2008

Uh oh...

I think I fell in love yesterday. They saw me, I saw them. Once we were one, I didn't want to let go.

Oh, how I wish I could find a knock-off of this boot from a reputable source, because I just can't afford the $150 price tag Aldo wants to charge me. I found a pair on, but a) it says they're out of stock, and b) once I checked up on them with the Better Business Bureau, they have an "F" rating. BOO!!!

Hurry up, cheapo shoe stores! I need these.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deals n' Discounts

It has been a while since I've let you guys in on some deals of the moment! I'm the type of gal who never orders anything online before scouring the ends of the Internet for some kind of discount or deal. They're always out there if you look!

I went around and collected some recent codes for online websites. Treat yourself - go shopping!!

Forever 21
-Free Shipping over $75
-Daily 21 (20% off of 21 items daily)

Victoria's Secret
-Type in code GIFTS08 ($15 off any $100 order, $30 off of $150, $75 off of $250, $150 off of $500) - expires November 19, 2008
-Type in code ANY 25 (25% off single item) - expires October 19, 2008

-Type in code MVC7991 (Free shipping)

Urban Outfitters
-Type in code LUCKYBREAKS08 (25% off of everything)
-Free shipping on orders over $250

Wet Seal
-Type in code WSWL1008 (free shipping) - expires October 28, 2008
-Type in code ANY25 (25% off any single item - expires October 19, 2008
-They're now accepting PAYPAL!!
-All graphic tees are Buy One, Get one 50% off

-Type in code GJSHIP50 (free shipping on all orders over $50)

Steve Madden
-Type in code PRIVATESALE20 (20% off when you spend $125 or more) - expires October 19,2008

American Apparel
-Type in code CHICAA15 (15% off orders; US purchases only) - expires October 31, 2008

Hope this helps some of you out! Please let me know if any of the codes don't work, or if you know of any other codes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Closer to 30

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Miss Ashley of Sugar Rush!! She clued me in the other day that we share a birthday. ;D

Oh, and it's my birthday today!

So this is what 28 feels like. I'm 2 years from turning the big 3-0, and while that's a little scary, I'm in a good spot in my life right now. I have an amazing family, a solid group of friends and I'm generally happy.

It's funny to think how my style has changed over the years. In my late teens/early 20's, I was all about being LOUD. I wore plenty of black vinyl, my hair was never a color found in nature, and I think I wore fishnets on a daily basis. While there's a small part of me that misses that style, I've grown into my own personal style over the years, and it's constantly evolving. I love trying out new things and testing my comfort zones. (Of course, as I'm typing this, I'm in my comfort-zone-outfit. But I digress.) I guess what I'm trying to say is that 28 is going to be a good year. ;)

Oh, and I had to show off my main present from my wonderful husband.

A Betsey overnighter bag!! We're going to be on vacation in Los Angeles in just 3 weeks (!!!) and he thought I needed some fabulous luggage. ;D

Yesterday was also the epitome of a "Good Day" for a sales-rack shopper like me. I got work that a local chain of stores in my area, C-Mart, was closing. They're an interesting store. Upon walking in the door, they're nothing to look at. They're arranged kind of shoddily, almost like a Goodwill. For some reason, though, they get TRUCKLOADS of previous season's clothing from high-end designers like Betsey Johnson, Gucci, Prada, etc. The prices were usually about 50-75% off retail. Crazy! When I heard they were closing, I RAN over there.

I wandered around the store, finding almost nothing. Then...mecca. I saw about 20 refrigerator-sized boxes FULL to the brim with American Apparel stuff. I just started pulling out piece after piece until my arms were full. When I got to the register, the teller rang up my 18 pieces of clothing...for a grand total of $18. I think I actually giggled.

I grabbed skirts, bras, metallic tops, t-shirts - you name it! I saved $162 in total. I'm still on a high from it. ;)

Have you ever gotten such a great steal that you couldn't stop smiling over it? Do you tend to seek out sales, or just happen upon them?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Treat yourself??

In a few days, it'll be my birthday. Although I'm saving up like CRAZY for our LA trip (which is less than a month away!!), I'm having an overwhelming urge to splurge on something for myself as a "birthday present" to me. haha For months now, I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle booties. I haven't found any that I've liked in the stores, so it might go to an online search now.

So, help me out! Opinions? Do you or anyone you know have any of these? Are they comfortable? Are they hideous? ;)

Is this thing still on?
Option #1
Colin Stuart Low Lace-Up Boot from Victoria's Secret, $88

Option #2
Colin Stuart Leather Studded Ring Bootie, $88 (These still make me drool every time I see them.)

Option #3
Siger Morrison for Target Glam/Crystal Booties in black & Silver from Target, $39.99

Where else should I be looking online? What are your favorite online boot shops?

Friday, October 10, 2008


I haven't been posting too many "looks" lately. I've just been so exhausted in the mornings that putting together a chic outfit doesn't come to mind. All that comes to mind is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

With that being said, I had fun breaking out some new digs last week.

I broke out the acid-washed jeans that I bought a few weeks back. I LOVE these husband, on the other hand, despises them. Pair that with his hatred for leather fringe and he's probably vomiting thinking of my style right now. haha I'm lucky, though, to have a guy that stuff doesn't matter to.

I wore this out to an art exhibit opening in Baltimore.

Looking at the pictures, I think it's time I invested in a good tripod. I HATE asking people to take pictures of me, and I'm never satisfied with the 2-3 shots they snap. I think I'd be more content snapping away pictures of myself happily and editing it down.

Who takes YOUR pictures? Do you do it yourself, or have a talented friend?

Blazer: Mossimo for Target, $25
T-Shirt: Hanes men's t-shirt (the ones that come in packs of 5), $9/5 shirts
Jeans: Burlington Coat Factory, $22
Shoes: Aldo Koudougou, $70
Fedora: Forever 21's Fabulous Fedora, $5.50

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lucky Me! November 2008

**Before I go into what I thought about the November issue of Lucky, I'd just like to let you guys know that I LOVE, LOVE comments. Whether you love this blog, hate it, think it needs improvement, COMMENT. I love getting feedback, and if there's more you'd like to see, let me know!**

I have to go with Sara on this one. This month's issue of Lucky left me disappointed.

I think that the fall issues of every fashion magazine are the most exciting! This is where I'll get my first glimpse at the newest coats, gloves, scarves and winter wear of the season. I'll drool over everything and mentally put together my own style forecast. I found, though, that in this month's issue, there was very little that I found covetable. I sort of half-heartedly flipped through the pages, and only a few things really caught my eye. Nine times out of ten, the things that did catch my eye were extremely unaffordable. This led me to search out some cheaper alternatives to my picks.

Because I can't justify spending $255 on a sweater, I went on a search for cheaper alternatives, as usual. Lo and behold, Forever 21 had SO many options! This style of prep-school sweaters is very "in" right now, and you can find more options under $25 than you'd ever expect. I can just see these paired with short, flared skirts, oxfords and knee socks. (Yes, I realize that I'm brushing the edges of Gossip Girl fashion, but I'd rock it up a bit with some heavy silver accessories and loud makeup.)

I adore the look of this heavy, brown leather purse, but again, the price tag left me with a bad taste in my mouth. This bag from Delia's would be a great alternative! Sure, it's not going to be that same, high-quality leather as its more expensive counterpart, but it has the look down-pat.

I did find, though, that there were a few things I tagged that wouldn't completely leave me in the poor house.

I'm a firm believer that Forever 21 is one of the best place to find cheap and chic accessories. I love the look of this silver cuff from the store. As Lucky pointed out, it almost looks as if it's made out of the softest leather. You can use it to dress up a fancy look, or toughen up a more casual look.

The shoes. I don't even know if I can find the words for how excited I am for these! The collection comes out exclusively on on October 12, and the pieces are wholly affordable! I'm particularly interested in this pair of studded booties. They will be mine...oh yes. They will be mine.

I have never heard of Joico before seeing this in Lucky, but I love the idea of a spray wax. I am always striving for that piecey look when it comes to my hair, but I hate the heavy feeling of most waxes and pomades. This seems like it could be lighter and you could spread it out more evenly.

I was even able to find one piece in Lucky that left me feeling *gasp!* inspired.

Once I saw this wrap watch, I was in love. When I went on a search for more of them, though, I came up fairly short. I did find this (more expensive) watch at Urban Outfitters, and I love the dangling charms and soft look of it. Have you seen wrap-style watches anywhere else? I'm completely dedicated to finding one now. ;)