Sunday, October 12, 2008

Treat yourself??

In a few days, it'll be my birthday. Although I'm saving up like CRAZY for our LA trip (which is less than a month away!!), I'm having an overwhelming urge to splurge on something for myself as a "birthday present" to me. haha For months now, I've been looking for the perfect pair of ankle booties. I haven't found any that I've liked in the stores, so it might go to an online search now.

So, help me out! Opinions? Do you or anyone you know have any of these? Are they comfortable? Are they hideous? ;)

Is this thing still on?
Option #1
Colin Stuart Low Lace-Up Boot from Victoria's Secret, $88

Option #2
Colin Stuart Leather Studded Ring Bootie, $88 (These still make me drool every time I see them.)

Option #3
Siger Morrison for Target Glam/Crystal Booties in black & Silver from Target, $39.99

Where else should I be looking online? What are your favorite online boot shops?


saray said...

not a fan of option 3..
but love option 1 and 2 espacially 1!

Anonymous said...

Love number 2 the most, but I don't mind #3

Corinne said...

The second option, definitely. Those are the best out of the three options.

Linda said...

Thank you guys! Yeah, the more I peek at #3, I'm not liking it as much. Oh, #2, you have my heart.

Sugar Rush said...

I have #2 and they're really high and kinda hurt, but are so very hot!