Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deals n' Discounts

It has been a while since I've let you guys in on some deals of the moment! I'm the type of gal who never orders anything online before scouring the ends of the Internet for some kind of discount or deal. They're always out there if you look!

I went around and collected some recent codes for online websites. Treat yourself - go shopping!!

Forever 21
-Free Shipping over $75
-Daily 21 (20% off of 21 items daily)

Victoria's Secret
-Type in code GIFTS08 ($15 off any $100 order, $30 off of $150, $75 off of $250, $150 off of $500) - expires November 19, 2008
-Type in code ANY 25 (25% off single item) - expires October 19, 2008

-Type in code MVC7991 (Free shipping)

Urban Outfitters
-Type in code LUCKYBREAKS08 (25% off of everything)
-Free shipping on orders over $250

Wet Seal
-Type in code WSWL1008 (free shipping) - expires October 28, 2008
-Type in code ANY25 (25% off any single item - expires October 19, 2008
-They're now accepting PAYPAL!!
-All graphic tees are Buy One, Get one 50% off

-Type in code GJSHIP50 (free shipping on all orders over $50)

Steve Madden
-Type in code PRIVATESALE20 (20% off when you spend $125 or more) - expires October 19,2008

American Apparel
-Type in code CHICAA15 (15% off orders; US purchases only) - expires October 31, 2008

Hope this helps some of you out! Please let me know if any of the codes don't work, or if you know of any other codes!


Sugar Rush said...

I thought you might like these in your ankle boot search!

Linda said...

Did you mean to put a link in there? I'm still searching for ANY boot recommendations, so I'll take any suggestions!;D