Saturday, August 30, 2008


Thrifty. Frugal. Careful. Economical.

Word it however you like. At the end of the day, though, I know that I'm pretty damn cheap. I LOVE a good sale. I take great joy in pointing to a pair of pants I'm wearing, right after someone has complimented them and exclaiming, "Thanks! They were TWO DOLLARS!!!" I've only made a handful of big-ish purchases with clothing in my life (my Betsey purse and necklace, the Bakers shoes, the Aldo shoes..) and each one has had me breathing heavily at the cash register as I hand over my money. I don'

Now, the only times I will let myself buy something "big" is when I can't get it off my mind, no matter how hard I try. This is the case with the black lame' leggings from American Apparel.

At $42, they're MUCH higher priced than your average $5-$20 leggings that you'll find. Yes, they're good quality, but at the end of the day, they're leggings....right?

So why does my heart beat faster whenever I see them on someone and why am I always planning imaginary outfits in my head around them??

Now the decision must be made. Do I keep just wanting them....or do I use my 15% off coupon that I have for AA, suck it up, and stop making them an imaginary part of my wardrobe??

Here they are on other beauties:

Ouijesuis from Chictopia

Lindarrr from Chictopia

Rumi of

So?? Opinions??

Friday, August 29, 2008

Forgive me!

Oh lovelies, forgive me. Currently at my work, we're in the thick of the busiest time of the year, which goes from about mid-August to mid-September. This year, my workload doubled, so I've barely had time to check email, let alone post.

I promise you, my dears, that there will be PLENTY of posts in the near future! I've purchased (and made!) quite a few items of clothing, shoes and beauty items that I can't wait to share with all of you!

Plus, I just found out that I'm going on a free whirlwind weekend vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of September! I've got some outfit planning that needs to be done... ;)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh, how I love thee.

Yes, I realize that everyone and their mother in the fashion blogging world has these, but note: I am not everyone and their mother. Therefore, these are still exciting as hell to me!!!

I won't go into the hell it took for these babies to finally get to me, but let's just say that I won't ever be placing a special order from Aldo Shoes ever again. :(

These are shockingly comfortable, despite the high heel. I think that the height of the platform sort of cancels out the heel. They don't even feel terribly high, actually!

Now I just can't wait to wear them! I'm already imagining outfits in my head and trying to get a feel for all of the different styles I could wear them with!

I couldn't find the shoes in black when I was messing around with Polyvore here. I know I'd love to pair these shoes with skinny jeans, short skirts, and some quintessential rock n' roll accessories. I should probably wear a simple outfit so that all of the focus is on the shoes, but I feel like these would just up the rockin' quotient of any outfit and turn the fashion amp up to 11. (Kudos to you if you catch the reference.). ;)

How would you wear these shoes? Would you keep the rest of your outfit conservative, or go all-out-wild?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ever since I was old enough to dress myself, I've looked around for clothing inspiration everywhere. Sometimes, this means picking up the latest copy of Vogue or Lucky and desperately trying to figure out how to replicate the looks inside with my limited budget. Other times, I'll just surf the online stores of all of my favorite websites and put together imaginary outfits in my head.

More often than not, though, I get my inspiration from (*gasp!*) actual human beings. (Okay, I'm not saying that models are not "actual human beings", but it's hard to relate to your average 5'11", 105 lb. blonde-haired-blue-eyed goddess - am I right?) When I was younger, I'd do this by going people-watching. I'd sit outside of a mall with friends on weekends and we'd just chat, run around like crazy (as teenagers often do), and most importantly, take in all of the types of people around us. Naturally, the invention of the Internet has made this painfully easy. Everyone and their mother (including me, obviously) has a blog or an online profile where you can stalk peek into their lives and see the way real people dress.

My inspirational gals change often, but I wanted to give you guys a peek into who is inspiring me lately.

(Note: I am NOT a Photoshop whiz, so I realize that these collages are a) a bit ghetto and b) a bit big. Sorry!)

First, the ladies we all know and love. The "Blogger Icons".

Anyone who has been on fashion blogs probably knows these three, and for good reason!
  • Karla has this classically chic look that just smacks of French elegance. Her looks are always crisp and clean, whether she's wearing loose men's trousers or a body-con skirt. Everything just looks effortless when she puts it together.

  • Lulu is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Her style is always put-together, yet always with a hint of rock n' roll. I fully blame her for my obsession with wanting a slim-fitting leather/pleather jacket this season!

  • Rumi is someone everyone knows by now. Even if you aren't into fashion, just look at her blog for the photography alone! Her model-looks compared with the high-fashion clothing makes for spreads that look like they're straight out of Vogue.

  • Now for a few ladies who will be the cat's pajamas of the fashion blogging world any second!

Gabby has been one of my favorites for a while now, but not necessarily in the fashion sense at first. I only knew this lovely lady from the makeup pictures she'd post on the MAC Cosmetics community on Live Journal. HOLY ARTISTIC TALENT, BATMAN! I was in awe of her skills there, then she went and created a blog. I was blown away by how adorable this lady's style is! She has the ability to look adorable in a jean-cutoffs and t-shirt, and then swing it around and look like a sexy mama in a short little swingy dress. She's constantly trying new things, and for that, I admire her.

Sara's blog is one that I stumbled on when I was surfing through links of fashion blogs. I was immediately drawn in to EVERYTHING about her blog, and it has become one of the things I so look forward to reading every day! Not only is her style of writing impeccable, but her fashion sense is beyond amazing! She has the ability better than anyone I've seen to mix together inexpensive items in such a way that you'd swear she was a millionaire. The outfits always look pricey and chic. Plus, I have to admit that I'm a complete sucker for her bubbly personality! Her poses always make me smile.

Ashley is another gal that I only knew from makeup communities at first. I have NEVER seen anyone, though, who can mix style as well as she does! She looks equally as fabulous in a 70's bohemian look as she does decked out in a punk rock look. Her blog is always a fabulous read, too!!

So thank you, ladies, for inspiring me again and again!

So tell me....who inspires you? What blogs do you find yourself looking at daily for a fashion fix? ;)

P.S. I swear more outfit posts are coming soon. I've been a bit under the weather, so getting in front of a camera at the moment isn't the most appealing thing lately. ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lucky Me! September 2008

On the recommendation of Miss Sara Millionaire, this is going to become a monthly feature in Wrapped In Pink.

Each month when my new issue of Lucky comes in the mail, I can barely even make it back to my chair before I'm furiously pawing through the pages, trying to get inspiration for the next big thing. When I got this month's issue in the mail, I think I literally squealed out-loud with joy. This baby is in close to 400 pages thick! Add that to the fact that it's chock-full of Fall fashion goodies, and I can tell that this is an issue I'm going to read until the pages fall out.

Like Sara, I go through each issue and gleefully tag any and every item that strikes my fancy. Now, 9 times out of 10, I couldn't even dream of affording the things in the magazine. What this does for me, though, is open my eyes to new ideas, and lets me know the kinds of items I want to keep my eye out for.

These were the items I tagged in the September 2008 issue:

1. Kenneth Cole Purse: I had to tag this whole ad because I loved it so much. Of course, the purse is what's getting me, though. I LOVE the distressed, gray leather and the huge zipper. It's the kind of bag that would go with everything, and seems perfect for the upcoming cooler months. I could see myself rocking this with some dark, skinny jeans, a unique t-shirt and some sky-high rocker shoes. I would link to the exact purse, but I think I'm blind because for the life of me, I just can't find it on the site!

2. Sam Edelman boots, "Karol", $199: I love these boots so much that I almost can't stand it! Sure, they wouldn't exactly go with my work outfits, but I think I'd wear these outside of work so much. The gray/silver leather is what's really getting me. I love the tough feel of these.

3. Express brand Leather Biker Jacket, $248: I've already decided that my main hunt this fall will be for a good biker jacket. I truly don't care whether it's real or faux leather, as long as it looks good. I just can't stop coveting one of these, and this Express jacket is the perfect style!

4. Jessica Simpson shoes, "Dover", $89: I couldn't pass by the ad for these shoes without immediately tagging them. I LOVE the texture of these, and the sky-high heel, peep-toe and slingback all add up to make these godly. The rich, vibrant purple hue doesn't hurt either.

5. Rough Roses studded belt, $105: I've been keeping my eye out for belts that are chic enough to be worn with the most conservative of work outfits, yet still have a bit of rock n' roll in them. This subtle studded belt would fit the bill perfectly. I could see myself pairing it with anything from a business-casual sundress to a denim miniskirt.

6. Anne Klein oversized watch, $75: Another item that I'm keeping an eye out is a thick watch. I love how this one has the chunky band, and the block of silver catches your eye.

7. Guess by Marciano Cowlneck top, $69: I love the v-shaped stripes on this top! The color palette is perfect, and the direction of the stripes would lead the eye to the middle, giving the illusion of a teeny, tiny waist.

8. Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer Buckled Bag, "Alex", $570: I love the military aspects of this bag with the buckles and gold accents! I'm making it a mission of mine to find something similar...but minus the $570 pricetag. ;)

So fess up! What did you tag in this month's Lucky? Let me see!

One Look Could Kill: Those boots

I can’t seem to get enough of these boots this summer. They’re just loose enough around my calves and ankles to be comfortable, even on the hottest days. (Here in Baltimore today, we’re supposed to be at 93 degrees. Ick.)

I also just can’t seem to let go of this purse. I bought it at Target years ago, and it’s INSANELY dirty, but I love it so! Anyone have any tips for making fake white leather bright again? ;) I’ve heard Simple Green, but I’m open to suggestions!

Oh, and I'm going to be a Bloggin' Fool today! Look for posts on my favorite beauty items, and my tagged items from this month's oh-so-juicy issue of Lucky!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saints of Los Angeles

I have to admit - since Motley Crue came out with their new album Saints of Los Angeles, I've completely ignored a ton of my music library and gone back to my Jersey girl roots. In constant rotation in my CD player has been Crue, Sixx AM, Poison, Warrant, Ratt, etc. I can't get enough of the cock rock I've always loved, but have a refreshed admiration for.

In February, my husband and I started planning our first trip in YEARS to finally go to Los Angeles. We're staying right on the Sunset Strip, just blocks from the infamous Whisky A Go-Go. We're going in November, and it can't come soon enough.

Combining Crue and our upcoming trip to LA, I think it's only natural that my tastes in clothing have been drifting back to the rock n' roll/glam elements. These are some things that have been inspiring me lately.

So what about you? Anything influencing your style these days?
Any additional "rocker chick" pictures you know of to influence me? ;)