Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saints of Los Angeles

I have to admit - since Motley Crue came out with their new album Saints of Los Angeles, I've completely ignored a ton of my music library and gone back to my Jersey girl roots. In constant rotation in my CD player has been Crue, Sixx AM, Poison, Warrant, Ratt, etc. I can't get enough of the cock rock I've always loved, but have a refreshed admiration for.

In February, my husband and I started planning our first trip in YEARS to finally go to Los Angeles. We're staying right on the Sunset Strip, just blocks from the infamous Whisky A Go-Go. We're going in November, and it can't come soon enough.

Combining Crue and our upcoming trip to LA, I think it's only natural that my tastes in clothing have been drifting back to the rock n' roll/glam elements. These are some things that have been inspiring me lately.

So what about you? Anything influencing your style these days?
Any additional "rocker chick" pictures you know of to influence me? ;)


Marjolein said...

Hmm it's not quite my style haha, but it looks cool on others though :)
haha I see you're from Baltimore, I'm from the Netherlands, but I know that city from hairspray :D "goodmorning Baltimooore, there's the flasher who lives next door.. lalala"
haha ok, I don't even know if you know Hairspray so I'm gonna stop talking now hehe.

Sara Millionaire said...

'80s hair metal style is my absolute favorite. You should see my collection of vintage metal t-shirts!

Hit me with an email when your LA trip gets a little closer! Maybe we can meet up for a shopping expedition, or at the very least I can send you a list of my favorite places to go.

Linda said...

Marjolein: haha I do know Hairspray. I'm a big fan of John Waters (as most people in my town are) and it's not uncommon to see him just hanging out around town. :)

Sara: I think I'd want to just roll around in your t-shirt collection. You should do an entire post dedicated to it. And I'll definitely drop you an email! It's not til November, but I already can't sit still. :D

Gabby said...

I love what Ashley is wearing on the cover of Nylon.

Sugar Rush said...

This is so my style base too. Love forever.

When my computer is fixed, I'll dig up some of my favorite pictures of this style.