Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ever since I was old enough to dress myself, I've looked around for clothing inspiration everywhere. Sometimes, this means picking up the latest copy of Vogue or Lucky and desperately trying to figure out how to replicate the looks inside with my limited budget. Other times, I'll just surf the online stores of all of my favorite websites and put together imaginary outfits in my head.

More often than not, though, I get my inspiration from (*gasp!*) actual human beings. (Okay, I'm not saying that models are not "actual human beings", but it's hard to relate to your average 5'11", 105 lb. blonde-haired-blue-eyed goddess - am I right?) When I was younger, I'd do this by going people-watching. I'd sit outside of a mall with friends on weekends and we'd just chat, run around like crazy (as teenagers often do), and most importantly, take in all of the types of people around us. Naturally, the invention of the Internet has made this painfully easy. Everyone and their mother (including me, obviously) has a blog or an online profile where you can stalk peek into their lives and see the way real people dress.

My inspirational gals change often, but I wanted to give you guys a peek into who is inspiring me lately.

(Note: I am NOT a Photoshop whiz, so I realize that these collages are a) a bit ghetto and b) a bit big. Sorry!)

First, the ladies we all know and love. The "Blogger Icons".

Anyone who has been on fashion blogs probably knows these three, and for good reason!
  • Karla has this classically chic look that just smacks of French elegance. Her looks are always crisp and clean, whether she's wearing loose men's trousers or a body-con skirt. Everything just looks effortless when she puts it together.

  • Lulu is quickly becoming one of my favorites! Her style is always put-together, yet always with a hint of rock n' roll. I fully blame her for my obsession with wanting a slim-fitting leather/pleather jacket this season!

  • Rumi is someone everyone knows by now. Even if you aren't into fashion, just look at her blog for the photography alone! Her model-looks compared with the high-fashion clothing makes for spreads that look like they're straight out of Vogue.

  • Now for a few ladies who will be the cat's pajamas of the fashion blogging world any second!

Gabby has been one of my favorites for a while now, but not necessarily in the fashion sense at first. I only knew this lovely lady from the makeup pictures she'd post on the MAC Cosmetics community on Live Journal. HOLY ARTISTIC TALENT, BATMAN! I was in awe of her skills there, then she went and created a blog. I was blown away by how adorable this lady's style is! She has the ability to look adorable in a jean-cutoffs and t-shirt, and then swing it around and look like a sexy mama in a short little swingy dress. She's constantly trying new things, and for that, I admire her.

Sara's blog is one that I stumbled on when I was surfing through links of fashion blogs. I was immediately drawn in to EVERYTHING about her blog, and it has become one of the things I so look forward to reading every day! Not only is her style of writing impeccable, but her fashion sense is beyond amazing! She has the ability better than anyone I've seen to mix together inexpensive items in such a way that you'd swear she was a millionaire. The outfits always look pricey and chic. Plus, I have to admit that I'm a complete sucker for her bubbly personality! Her poses always make me smile.

Ashley is another gal that I only knew from makeup communities at first. I have NEVER seen anyone, though, who can mix style as well as she does! She looks equally as fabulous in a 70's bohemian look as she does decked out in a punk rock look. Her blog is always a fabulous read, too!!

So thank you, ladies, for inspiring me again and again!

So tell me....who inspires you? What blogs do you find yourself looking at daily for a fashion fix? ;)

P.S. I swear more outfit posts are coming soon. I've been a bit under the weather, so getting in front of a camera at the moment isn't the most appealing thing lately. ;)


Gabby said...

Aw, thank you so much!! This put a big smile on my face, haha.

As for who inspires me--I love your blog, of course, and I also am a fan of Karla's fashion sense! In fact, I look at every blogger that I have linked on my blog and admire all of their fashion/beauty sense.

karla said...

Oooo so sweet of you! Thanks :)

Ps. Thank you for having my back when I was being accused of sounding "shallow" in my interview! You're wonderfulll :)

Linda said...

Gabby: Pfft, of course! I love how you can pull off ANYTHING, miss!

Karla: Yeeeeeeah, I rarely speak up on that kind of thing online because I hate "internet drama", but that was just ridiculous. People can be so silly. hehe The interview was great!

Sara Millionaire said...

Aww, lovums! You brightened my day.

Sugar Rush said...

Oh that is so awesome! Thank you so much!!