Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Half Day Ahoy!

Sorry I’ve been so lax in my posting! The days have just been so hot here that I haven’t felt like putting much thought into my outfits. I’ve been living in a white t-shirt and shorts daily.

Today, I get a half day off from work, so I wanted to wear something to go directly from the office into the malls. Plus, the temperature has FINALLY dipped below 95, so I don’t feel like I need to dress sparingly.

I think these cowboy boots were my greatest Ebay score ever. ;)

Oh, and for the last picture….I had to grab my lovely “Photographer-of-the-Day” (since I am without a tripod) to stand in front of the camera. I swear…I have the most fashionable co-workers. ;)


Sara Millionaire said...

I really like that dress/boots combo! The colors really pop together. I am such a huge fan of cowboy boots and ranch-style boots in general.

Sugar Rush said...

The dress fits you perfectly! I really like this one!

Gabby said...

I love that dress! It's the perfect color for you :D
I added a link to your blog to my blog, hope you don't mind :)

Linda said...

Sara: Thank you! I love these boots. I'm always worried when putting green and red together for fear of looking like a big Christmas tree, but I love the combo! ;D

Ashley: Thank you, miss! :)

Gabby: Thank you! And of course I don't mind! I'll link to yours as well! :D