Monday, July 7, 2008

Want. Need.

The weekend of July 4th was such a blur to me! I tried to dress fashionably, and wound up wearing the same Dear dress (from Steve & Barry's, of course) 2 days in a row.

Ooops. For my lack of fashion sense, I figured I'd post some things that have been inspiring me lately. I really need to get better about labeling pictures once I save them so I remember who is in the shot.

Naturally, the Olsens. Dammit, I never wanted to jump on the bandwagon of liking their fashion sense, but they're pulling me in.

Miss Rumi is a given. I just ordered the fringed flapper dress from Forever 21. I'm looking forward to finding ways like this to dress it down a bit.

These two were from Baltimore Style magazine months (years?) ago. I love the edgy punk, yet fashionable look the gal has going on here. I love the heavy metal accessories.

I've been on the hunt for a good white blazer forever, and then Karla posted this picture in her blog. It made me just want it all over again...and with a fervor!

There is something SO insanely sexy about this look to me. I love the structured jacket with the loose-fitting tee. Rawr.

Huge bag? Check.
Skinny jeans? Check.
Well-fitted leather? Check.
I just want all of it.

I just love the looseness of this look. So sexy!

I'm hoping to have more posts of my own on the way.