Monday, June 30, 2008


It's amazing to me that I will get so into looking up other people's fashion blogs that I forget that I've started one myself. I'm really going to try to update more on the regular, even if just for my own documentation. :)

I feel like I've almost been wearing a uniform lately. It has been so ridiculously hot that I don't even think about what I'm pulling on. My denim shorts + tee shirt + silver jewelry has been the easiest thing to wear and no fuss at all. I've at least been trying to spice it up with different accessories here and there: some silver bangles, red cowboy boots, Gladiator heels, fringed purse, etc. As "uniform-esque" as it may be, dammit, I like it. ;)

Black t-shirt: H&M, $5.09
Denim Shorts: Mossimo (from Target), $16
Red Cowboy Boots: Ebay, $16
Plaid Purse: Betsey Johnson, $98
Gladiator Heels: Baker's Shoes, $69.95
Gray Burnout t-shirt: Bitten by SJP, Steve & Barry's, $8.98
Silver necklaces: Bitten by SJP, Steve & Barry's, $15 for all 3
Bangles: Claire's, $1 each
Fringed Purple Purse: Delia's, $32


Ash1314 said...

Im in love with that friged bag- everyone seems to have that perfect bag- minus me :s...cools pics!

Ash1314 said...

p.s. hawwwt hair ;)

Linda said...

Thank you on both accounts! This bag was ridiculously cheap. After shipping and using a coupon I found online, it was only something like $32! Not bad for a suede-esque bag. :)

karla said...

Ugh, I totally feel you. Summer doesn't provide as many stylish options as winter does. So lame. LOVE YOUR TATTOO BY THE WAY!

Linda said...

Exactly. In winter, you can layer, you can wear stockings, you can have all sorts of options! These days when the temps are pushing close to 100 degrees, I feel like I live in my denim shorts and the few sundresses I own. Ugh.

And thank you!! :D