Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Blathering

1) In my never-ending search for white leather fingerless gloves, I decided to take a chance on these, just to hold me over. Well, I got them in the mail today, and oh my god, they are pieces of pure shite. I can't really leave negative feedback since I got what I paid for...namely, $7 vinyl gloves from a Halloween store. Nonetheless, I don't know what to do with these. I suppose they could still hold me over, if only they didn't reek. The vinyl/plastic smell has warped into a gasoline smell.

Blarg. I don't know why these should be so hard to find! I FOUND the perfect pair on Polyvore:
The Perfect Gloves

2) Wet Seal isn't usually a store I frequent. Nonetheless, I'll still find things in there once in a while that are cool. They just got in some new stuff that is surprisingly drool-worthy!

a) SUPER cute ankle boots!
b) Buckled booties
c) ...shuddup. I think it's hot.
d) Skirt with huge railroad zippers?? Sign me up!

3) Do you ever get tired of every.single.item in your wardrobe?? The weather here in Baltimore has been so up-and-down lately. One day (like today, for example), it'll be 62 degrees. The next day (like tomorrow, for example), it'll snow. Because of that, I find myself wanting to live in nothing but skinny jeans and boots. I'm really considering hitting up a few Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrify shops in my area one day and refreshing my WHOLE wardrobe.

I'm so sorry for the lack of outfit-y posts lately, lovelies. I have some big events coming up (like MOTLEY FUCKIN' CRUE!!!) that I'm going to want to get all gussied up for, so expect some posts then. ;)


Mrs Munster said...

I've been bit obsessed to have black fingerless leather gloves lately, but I think they might be bit too "manly" for me. Those white ones are so pretty!
I found out that Motley Crue is playing here in summer in a festival...and will I go there? No. Won't be able to. It's like salt (and maybe little bit of tequila also) in to your wounds :(

Linda said...

Oh no!!! Why can't you go??

Well, I'll post pictures on my blog after I see them in 2 weeks and it'll be like you were there. :)

Mary said...

I think it's hot too

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