Monday, February 16, 2009

SO excited!

Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of my lovely readers!!

My husband and I are personally not huge fans of V-Day. I don't want to sound like a Scrooge here, but I personally think it's a bit of a Hallmark holiday, and I choose not to celebrate it. My husband feels the same way.


On Saturday (V-Day), we were out enjoying a super-greasy breakfast at Denny's when he let out a secret.

"This is NOT for Valentine's Day, but you have something coming in the mail to you." He told me that he got me the Lip Service pleather vest I've been eying for months!! I can't WAIT to receive it!

Now I'm just having fun putting together imaginary outfits with this vest in my head.
Rock n' Roll Leather
Rock n' Roll Leather - by cruxgothgirlie on

This vest is a bit edgy, so I'm a little intimidated by it. What would you pair it with!


Katja Cintja said...

love the bikerjacket

Mrs Munster said...

Isn't your husband sweet! That vest is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not into the whole lovey-dovey pink Valentine's day at all. For me it's just an excuse to buy (and get) few presents and go for a nice meal (which I never do even on the actual day).

I would wear the vest with...let's see everything! I think nice tight black trousers and light coloured top under the vest.

Heather said...

I think part of why we make Valentine's day so important is cause it's our anniversary, lol. Our real one is like Feb 11 or something but when we first started dating it seemed silly to have them so few days apart so we switched it to v-day :P

Linda said...

Katja: Thank you! I've been drooling over it for ages now. :)

MrsMunster: I agree about it being fun to give/receive gifts that day. I'm a sucker for it. ;) And I think you're right - tight black pants are essential!

Heather: Aww, that's sweet! I think that's a good plan - combine 2 traditionally gift-giving days into one. ;) haha

Sara Millionaire said...

Don't be intimidated by it! Personally I'd take a cue from Miss Sixty and Temperley London's fall collections and wear it high and tight over feminine dresses and blouses. I can see it looking incredible over something light and sheer with a small floral print and some ruffles or a bow.

And for the classic rocker look, which I know you love, it would kill it over a loose white tank and some skintight jeans.

Also those Rodarte gloves are bananas. They'd be so easy to DIY if I could only find a pair of white driving gloves!

Behind the Seams said...

great polyvore collection!

Connie Hsiu said...

im not a fan either man, i just never liked the holiday...anyhoo i love these picks, great pieces

and i love your blog!!

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