Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm blushing!!

I have a few things worth mentioning (for once). haha

First off, I was SO honored to be awarded this from the fabulous Mrs. Munster's Magnificent Life!

How sweet is she! Thank you so much, doll. :) So now, I'm paying it forward. Here are some blogs I think are worth checking out:

1) Waitin Round to be a Millionaire: Sara's blog is probably what made me want to start my own in the first place. Everything about her blog just screams "awesome". It's all very well-written and every picture is perfection. Queen of Photoshop!! :)
2) Scarlet Empress: Javy is a complete sweetheart! Her takes on beauty are fantastic and always well-written.
3) Sugar Rush: I've loved Ashley's blog from the beginning, but it has only gotten better! She'll leave you drooling over her outfits AND her baking.

So thank YOU, all, for keeping me entertained time and time again!!

Secondly, okay, I KNOW you're all tired of hearing me talk about this, but...
I figured maybe you Style Sleuths could help me out here. ;)

I’ve been searching for this pair of boots for a LONG time now:

They’re Colin Stuart booties from Victoria’s Secret. They’ve been sold out on the website for months now. Do you guys have ANY idea for places I could continue to look for these?? I’m already searching Ebay daily with little luck. When they do pop up, there’s someone trying to charge close to $300 for them when they retailed brand-new for $99.

Do you have any suggestions for dupes of these?? HIGH, high heel, ankle boot, studs, etc.??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sara Millionaire said...

Awww, thanks for the mention!! XOXOX

Anonymous said...


jujubee826 said...

i decided to look around to see if i could find any booties for you and this is what i came up with! :)


hope this helps! the shoes from v.s are perfect and they're so hard to find something even close!

Sugar Rush said...

Thanks honey honey!

And congrats!

As for the booties...I don't know, but I promise I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya!

What size are you?

Linda said...

Sara: Aw, of course. :)

Sarah: Thank you!!!

jujubee826: You are too sweet!! :D Another friend also linked me to those NYLA booties, and the more I see them, the more I'm starting to like them.

Ashley: Thank you! :) I'm desperate at this point, so I'm looking for anywhere from a 7-8. Hell, I might even go 8.5 if that's all I can find. :-/

javy said...

linda ty so much!!! you rock hardcore, really i appreciate you so much saying that :)) <3 lotsa love, javy

Anonymous said...

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