Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Want Need Want.

I love shopping - that's a given.
I'm convinced, though, that the only times that I really crave a good, old-fashioned shopping spree is when I'm as poor as the day is long. Ugh. Well, at least I can share some lovelies with you guys!!

I would like all of these, please-and-thank-you.

Forever 21

I'd love to cut the sleeves off of this, cut the neckline a bit lower, and pair it with a barely-peeking-out bikini top for the hot summer days.

I can just visualize this top paired over some shiny leggings with my slingback mules. Rawr.

I want this relaxed tank top in every color that they offer - and at only $6.50, that might very well be possible!

Cheesy? HELL yes, but words can't even convey how badly I want/need this shirt.

Oh god, yes.

I think I need to actually try these on next time I'm in the store. They look so CHEAP, both on the website and in person...but I've seen them in so many pictures from online fashion bloggers, and they look FANTASTIC in them. It's worth a shot.

I'm picturing these with a very "Sandy-from-Grease"-esque outfit.

Wet Seal


I could deal without the little bow, but I love the rest of it.

I've been looking at these since the day they popped up on the site (literally). I might need them.

I think that's enough babbling for now.
So what items are you coveting right now?


javy said...

i def want the peacock shirt, i love peacock prints

Mrs Munster said...

All 3 pairs of the trousers. I want them!

Sara Millionaire said...

I have that F21 racerback tank in white and charcoal! I ordered it a size up to wear as a layering piece in the summer. It's really cute!

As for the pleather pants...I think it's worth it to shell out a little more on an item like that. F21's faux leather gets squeaky after a few wears and it feels cheap. There's a Tripp NYC pair on Karmaloop for $60 that looks really decent, and I've also seen them at H&M in the Divided section recently.

Linda said...

Javy: Isn't that a great print on that one, too?? I just love it!

MrsMunster: I'm completely in need of new pants, too.

Sara: Oh good to know!! It just looks so easy.

As for the pleather, the ones you linked to are 1000x better-looking. My only issue is that I NEVER can order pants online. I have such a strange body-shape that most pants (especially skinny ones) don't fit me right, so I have to try things on in the store.

I really should just look into getting things altered..hrm...

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Emma said...
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