Thursday, September 18, 2008

Covet Covet Covet!: Cheap shoes!

I can't decide whether the recent influx of shoes on some of my favorite websites is a blessing or a curse. Maybe I should weigh out my options:

*The colors seem to be becoming more and more vibrant!
*The prices are all beyond reasonable! No pair in the collage I made is over $30!
*The heels seem to be getting higher. In the past, whenever shoes were uber-affordable, I felt like they sacrificed the height of the heel for some reason. I'm not sure why "kitten heel = cheap", but there it is. These newer ones seem to touch the sky!

*Just one really - my wallet is going to be hurting this fall from all of the pretty things out there!

What shoes are you looking forward to buying in the new season? Do boots do it for you? Are you coveting heels with tights?

Sources: Wet Seal, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe, and Go Jane.

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