Friday, September 19, 2008

Baltimore's Best

Every year, the company I work for throws (what I think is) the most kick-ass party all year. It’s called the Best of Baltimore party. Over a thousand people are milling around and the people-watching is pure insanity. People show up wearing everything from ballgowns to…well…nothing. (One year, a guy showed up in sneakers, a bow tie and nothing else. NOT CHIC.)

It was a GORGEOUS night in the city and we were right on the water. I got to break out my ALDO shoes and my lame’ leggings for the first time, and they were a huge hit.

The comments I got on the leggings were hysterical.
“You look like a wet, baby seal!”

“Your tights are neat-o.”

“These make a FABULOUS noise!” (said by my drunk friend as she was repeatedly slapping me all night)

The party had some crazy shit going on - everything from a stilt-walker (who looked remarkably like a much so that I was running from it) to a roaming band of kazoo players. Good times, good times.

And some of my crazy fashionable friends:


Gabby said...

You look great! I really like the leggings, haha :) Your friends look awesome too!

Linda said...

Thank you, babe! The leggings worked out SO well. I can't imagine that the AA ones are that much better. hehe

And yes, I'm lucky to have some fun friends. ;)

Sugar Rush said...

The leggings totally look great! You didn't fall in your Aldos??

Linda said...

NO! I was actually proud of myself! I was running, jumping and dancing in them all night. I'm in LOVE with these shoes. ;)