Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Bit of the Old "Retail Therapy"

I don't know if I'd so much call this "retail therapy" as "Hey...I have a bit of extra cash and want things". ;)

Here are the purchases I've made lately:

1) Black/White acid-washed skinny jeans by Vanilla Star (Target jeans pictured): $17

2) Faux leather miniskirt from H&M: $13

3) Faux leather metallic cropped jacket from Forever 21: $38 (Is it sad that I had to waffle on this purchase because $38 seemed a little steep to me for a jacket I LOVED?? Gosh. I scare myself sometimes.)

4) Nerd glasses from Aldo (AA glasses pictured): $12

5) "Straw" fedora from Forever 21: $5.50 (I've been searching for so long for a fedora that fits me...and this one was so cheap!)

6) Wet Seal Lame' leggings (exact replicas of the AA leggings in the picture!): $18

So now that Fall is approaching, are you shopping more? What have you bought already? What's on your wishlist?


LENA said...

I am in school and there are no stores or malls around me and they dont have those lame leggings on teh wetseal website! lucky!

Linda said...

Lena: They have them at a bunch of other cheaper retail stores, too! Try out: Body Central, Hot Topic, Forever 21, and good ol' Ebay. ;D

Gabby said...

I recently went thrifting and bought a whole bunch of stuff for around 30 dollars! My best find was this really warm H&M coat that was new. It still had a tag on it for $130, and the guy there gave it to me for seven dollars.

I have a feeling I'll be shopping a ton in the next few weeks :D

Linda said...

Oh you need to post pictures then, Gabby!! :D Isn't finding stuff like that the best? It makes you feel like a god or something. haha