Tuesday, April 5, 2011


By now, the name Sugarpill has become synonymous with OMG FABULOUS AND BRIGHT!! shadows. If you like a touch of color in your eyeshadows, or you like to rival the fanciest drag queen out there, you need to have Sugarpill in your life.

In truth, this entry is copied-and-pasted from one that I did about a year ago, but with a few updates (and a few better pictures).

(from February 2010)
When Amy/Shrinkle's new makeup line, Sugarpill, went online, I think I literally SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!ed outloud. I clicked on that link in a manner that people passing me might have thought I was insane. (Clicking, maniacally giggling, huge grin on my face. Yeah, I'm sure I looked insane.)

If anyone thought *that* looked like Crazy Town, they should have been there when I got my package in the mail last Friday. This is seriously the most amazing makeup line I've seen in years.

Everyone likes pictures, so I'll give my reviews to go along with the pics!

First of all, even the box it came in was adorable!! It was stamped with the cute Sugarpill kitty logo and had a bunch of stickers on it. Everything was packaged really well and nothing was rattling around.

I think that opening the box was the point at which I actually started clapping little claps and bouncing. Yep, I'm that lame. Again, everything was neatly and securely packaged with hot pink tissue paper. And the packaging...oh, the packaging. Every box that an item came in was BEAUTIFULLY and artistically done. The drawing is adorable. Plus, I have to admit that I liked seeing items in boxes like this. So many smaller makeup lines just throw things into little plastic baggies nowadays. The packaging alone of this line helps to make it look high-end. I'm a loser and love this packaging so much that I plan on keeping everything in the boxes.

Here are some cute promo items that came in the package. I got a GORGEOUS, glittery Sugarpill logo sticker and two "business cards". The photography on the business card is stunning.

The individual packaging is great, too! The lids of the shadows and the Chromalusts (loose shadows) all have the Sugarpill logo STAMPED on them. No stickers here, folks! And really...LOOK AT THIS PURPLE!! There's a slight hint of shimmer, but it's not overpowering. One swipe with your finger and the color is nearly opaque. It's brilliant.

Are you drooling yet?! Left to right: Buttercupcake, Poison Plum, Afterparty, Flamepoint (my favorite thus far!), Midori, and Love+. Truthfully, I've only swiped these shadows so far, but every.single.one went on smoothly and with such high-pigmentation that I was stunned. Makeup Forever? You have a serious competitor here.


These loose shadows - Chromalusts - I can't say enough about them. Even though I DROPPED ONE OF THEM seconds after opening it (and yes, I almost cried), there is so much product in these that it's not even funny. No dumpy little sample jars here, folks! You get a FULL 5-gram jar of these babies. The colors are...god, can I say "stunning" again?? I personally prefer to use these with mixing medium because it makes the colors THAT much more vibrant and opaque. If you use these dry, though, the color and shimmer still comes through like crazy! Left to right: Absinthe, Magpie (the one I dropped. *sniffle*), and the shining star of them all - Goldilux.

I have NEVER seen a more brilliant and perfect gold pigment in my life. When used wet, it literally looks as if you had melted gold and applied it to your eyelids. Since ACTUALLY melting gold and putting it on your skin would be, yanno, BAD, everyone needs this loose shadow.

Here is a pic from when I wore Goldilux to my work party:

(And in case you were wondering, yes. That pizza was delicious.)

Sorry that this is so wordy, folks! I just wanted to get the word out there about how amazing this line is.


Lydia said...

Your eyes look amazing!

Linda said...

Thanks so much! I swear it's just the Goldilux. haha I'm kind of addicted to it.

Mrs Munster said...

I'm drooling over the keyboard and when I checked the prices on these pretty things it made me cry (could I eat just poridge for a month?)

Linda said...

Yes. Yes you can. haha Really, for the amount of product you get, the prices are really amazing.