Friday, April 15, 2011

Badass on Etsy: Dreampop Designs

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When I look at my friends, I realize that I am damned lucky to be surrounded by style at every turn. We all have different styles and ways that we look/dress, but I truly believe that I have the greatest, hottest & most talented friends in the world. One friend whose style who I've always admired is my friend, Nicole. She looks like a completely fabulous mash-up of Louise Brooks, Victorian-sensibility and edginess. I don't think that just anyone can pull this off, but she manages to do it and damn - she makes it look good.

When she started designing jewelry under the name Dreampop Designs, I was completely blown away. She mixes metals, textures and shapes in ways I could never dream of, and her pieces are beyond unique. They're feminine, yet hardcore. All of them have this antique-looking quality to them. I feel like all of her jewelry looks like priceless family heirlooms handed down through generations.

Here are some noteworthy pieces:

1. Pearl Tree Necklace with Aqua/Gold Damask Design ($60): What's not to love about this piece?? I love the delicate, almost rosary-like pearls, and how amazing is that hand-clasp?

2. Bird Skull Bottle Pendant ($80): This is one of my favorite pieces. The little bird skull is hand-shaped out of polymer clay, so No Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of This Necklace. I love the copper wiring at the top, the jewels, the moss - pretty much all of it.

3. Antiqued Octopus Necklace ($125): The detail on this one is breathtaking. My favorite parts are the green glass "drop" at the bottom and the netting around the beads near the top of the pendant. Plus, it has another one of those hand-clasps I love.

4. Copper & Turquoise Bird Nest Necklace ($35): So freaking OMGprettyandadorableandOMG. I love the delicateness of the eggs/beads buried in the rawness of the copper wire. I die.

5. Bird Cuff Links for Women ($25): You guys, how ADORABLE are these?! I can just see these being that final touch on a pretty, silk blouse...or hell, even for a feminine touch on a badass leather jacket. Why not?? And for $25, how can you resist?

6. Lightbulb Pendant ($50): I saved the best for last. This is by far my most favoritist thing in the shop. Cracked lightbulb? Check. Moss INSIDE the lightbulb? Check! A freakin' treasure inside the moss?!? I'm sold.

You can also follow her blog here.

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