Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bucket List

Since I had taken a hiatus from this whole "blogging" thing, maybe there's something I should fill people in on who don't know me too well.

When I was a youngin', more than anything, I looked up to my best friend's sisters. She had three of them, and all of them embodied what I think was awesome about the 80s. Their hair defied gravity, they wore anything that was rock n' roll, and the music they listened to was loud. I wanted to be them. Naturally, when they made 7-year old Linda a mix tape, I listened to it like it was my bible. I remember one song standing out to me in particular: "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns n' Roses.

The second the song started playing, I was sold. I remember running into the oldest sister's room and thanking her, telling her that I loved that one song. She pointed to a poster of them on the wall behind her...and my eyes zeroed in on one person in the poster.

The mess of black curls. The leather tophat. The mirrored Aviators. The lone cigarette. These are all things that a 7-year old should NOT EVER be attracted to...but oh, I was. That's when my love for Slash started. As I got older, the admiration just grew. The way the man played blew me away all through my teens and into my twenties. It became an item on my Bucket List to someday at least shake the man's hand. The respect I had just grew and grew.

In August of 2010, I was just about to delete my My Space account when I got an email: "Send us a video saying why you should be picked to see Slash in concert in Seattle and meet the man!" I figured 'Why the hell not?' and carefully made a video. Then...I got the call. I.FUCKING.WON. They were sending my husband and I to Seattle, WA to MEET THE MAN.

It was the best moment of my life to date. To know me is to see my love for Slash & rock n' f'n roll.


Mrs Munster said...

You lucky, lucky gal!!! This video is awesome. I saw Slash last summer it it was just fantastic gig.
Wot does your silver pendant say (the one you're wearing in the videoclip?) You and ur husband make a one rocking couple :)

Linda said...

Thanks so much, babe!! Yeah, he really puts on an AMAZING show. I was blown away in every way by the whole experience. :)

It says "Misfit"! It's my favorite necklace, and actually, pretty much the first thing Slash said to me was, "HA! You have a 'misfit' necklace. You're a character." I got it from this amazing seller on Etsy, Missy Industry.

redheaded slut said...

oh miss linda, i am so happy for you. you looked amazing, as always, the camera loves you. tim's adorable!!!

so sorry our DC makeup meet-up didn't work out as planned. would love to try again sometime!

looking forward to following your blog!


Linda said...

Aw, thank you Su! I'm so sorry our meeting up didn't work either. :( I wish I hadn't been in a bit of a funk that day. I probably would have hung out longer! Boo on me!

And thank you for following! <3