Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheap Thrills

It's funny to me sometimes. You can buy a dress that costs you $400, a pair of shoes that cost you $200, jewels to line your neck and wrists, and a tiara to top it off. You can have yourself dripping in diamonds and expensive fabrics. Sometimes, though, it's not the most expensive or luxurious items that make you feel like a million bucks. Sometimes, it's that t-shirt you bought on a whim.

I snagged this t-shirt from Forever 21 online a few months ago. I was putting together an online order, and I needed to add one more item to throw my over order to the point where I would get free shipping. I threw a t-shirt into my shopping cart and went on my way. When I got all of my items, though, this shirt stuck out.

It fits me like a glove. The neckline flatters my "decolletage", if you will. The sleeve looseness & length sits perfectly on my upper arm. Not to mention the fact that the cotton the shirt is made of is the OMG SOFTEST THING EVER.

Basically, putting this shirt on makes me feel awesome. In it, I feel comfortable, fit, and...yes, just a bit sexy. (gasp!) It makes me feel like a badass...and all for only $12.

I suppose it also doesn't hurt to throw on some red lipstick and a fresh coating of red hair dye to make a gal feel firey.

So I ask you: What is your "item"? What seemingly ordinary item makes you feel like a million bucks the second you put it on?


Mrs Munster said...

First- oh yeah, you are back! Been missing your blog posts. We need more rock gals here :)
The top does look really flattering on you. I don't really know what peice of cothing makes me feel like million dollars. I just live in my skinny jeans, converse and stripey tops. They just make me feel comfy I suppose.

Linda said...

Aw, thanks lady! It's nice to be missed. <3

Honestly, I think that you found your happy outfit! The stripey tops/Converse is what makes you feel like YOU, and that's pretty awesome in my book.