Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patience, Young Grasshopper

Some people get high off of the adrenaline of exercise.
Others feel a rush when they take that first bite of their favorite food.
Me? I get so freaking high off of a good SALE.

Yes, I know that sounds completely lame, and maybe even like something that Cher Horowitz would say, but it's true. I can be a cheap bastard, so when I know that I've gotten a crazy good deal, I feel empowered. I feel like I can conquer the world, one shirt/purse/pair of shoes at a time. HUZZAH!!!!!!

*ahem* As I was saying..

In December, I got a fabulously pimp present from my boss - a gift certificate for Betsey Johnson. Since I was a kid, she has always been my favorite designer. Her fun use of color, shapes and her love of leopard print makes her a girl after my own heart. I saved that gift certificate, convinced that I'd find JUST the right thing to use it on.

In February, that "right thing" appeared. This dress popped up on the website:

I might have shrieked or perhaps shed a tear when I saw it. I was in lust...but at a price tag of $268, I just couldn't swing it. I made a pact to myself to stay strong. Be patient. Hope that it would go on sale.

And it did! Within about a month, the price dropped to $186. Good, but not where I needed it to be. Still, I waited. About a week ago, the price dropped again: $134. I (literally) chewed my knuckles on this one, forcing myself to wait. "Slow down, Young Grasshopper", my inner voice commanded. (What? You guys don't have an inner voice?) I held my breath.

Today, I opened up my email to see a special offer. 40% OFF ALL CLEARANCE! Within the span of approximately 3-5 minutes, I had bought and paid for the dress.

$268 (original price)
$186 (1st reduced price)
$134 (2nd reduced price)
$80.40 (40% off sale price)
$30.40 (Price after using my gift card & all discounts!!!!)

Yep. I snagged my dream dress for $237.60 off the original price. Pardon me, I'm still up on my cloud.

Now comes the best part: Basing an outfit on it! What would you guys pair with this dress?


Ruthy said...

I love that dress! It's pretty hard to get Betsy Johnson stuff in the uk that I know of, I sometimes see her accessories in TKMaxx but not dresses. I love that dress, I have a cardigan in red leopard print that I would pretty much HAVE to pair that with! I don't care if matching is lame, I love it! x

Linda said...

Pshaw. I'm a pretty firm believer in pairing ANYTHING you want together. Fashion rules don't apply. haha I think it'd look hot with a matching cardi!

...actually, I just remembered that I DO have a matching cardi. Maybe I'll try that...

Schmoo said...

Congrats on the awesome achievement! I caught Extreme Couponing recently and I understand the high that you're undoubtedly feeling. It's such a rush to get something that you've wanted forever at a tiny fraction of the price.

Dude, you are awesome at timing sales and getting the best deal possible. I'm thrilled for you!

Mrs Munster said...

I would be in cloud nine also after such a bargain. That's one fabulous dress. Pair it up with rocking heels and lush slutty (and this is slutty in the good sense, hope you know what I mean) make-up. And pleae post sum photos when this dress arrives.

Ginger said...

Cute Ass Dress!! I found you from Halcoholic and i am looking forward to visiting again

Victoria said...

LOLOL that's so awesome and funny!
As soon as I saw the picture of the dress, I thought "Cowboy boots". Soooo, maybe that's what you should try!


Ng, M said...

i love that "Yes, I understand that to be a fashion blogger, you have to like ugly shoes. Well, guilty as charged.".

i guess i should become start writing a fashion blog...