Friday, April 29, 2011

The Lust List

I'm convinced that if tested, it would be a scientific fact: You are more likely to window-shop & find things that you "have to have" when you don't have the money to get them. I have a running list going of "Things I Will Buy Someday". Some of these items are not unreachable. They're even pretty attainable. Others are to be filed under the "If/When I Win the Lottery" file. (C'mon. You know you have one of those lists, too. I'm sure most people put cars/houses on that list. I put shoes & bags. DON'T JUDGE ME!)

With that being said, here's what's currently on my list.


Ever since my friend, Sara (from Waitin' Round to be a Millionaire) introduced me to Blood is the New Black, I have lusted, drooled & even pet the screen looking at the t-shirts they carry. The designs are SO damn unique and badass. Their prices, while not unreasonable, are just out of reach of what I can afford to spend right now, so I hope these beauties will wait for me someday.

1) Owl Jacket Women's Crew ($44): Like they say on the store page, this shirt seriously makes me want to find a mini leather jacket for my cat. She'd hate me for life, but it would almost be worth it.

2) No War for Heavy Metal: Faded Black ($10): Obviously, $10 is NOTHING for a shirt, but they only have size XL left. I'm keeping an eye on this one to see if it comes back in stock in my size. If it doesn't, I might snag this & slice it up to fit me.

3) Wood Holly Women's Crew ($44): YOU GUYS. I CAN'T EVEN. This is the mother of all shirts. This one WILL be in my closet someday. It's too fucking amazing NOT to be.

Not Really Reachable

Yes, I understand that to be a fashion blogger, you have to like ugly shoes. Well, guilty as charged. Ever since I saw a picture a long time ago of the Olsen twins rocking those Balenciaga boots, I've been determined to have them. Obviously, that's not in my price range. BUT! These Sam Edelman "Zoe" boots aren't completely out of the realm of possibility someday! The price keeps dropping (albeit slowly) so maybe, someday, if I'm really good...

Sam Edelman 'Zoe' Boots from Zappos ($198.98)

Ain't Gonna Happen

What Is Reality Anyway has always been one of my all-time favorite fashion blogs. Always. Krystal Simpson is seriously a freakin' inspiration to end all inspirations. In a world where chiffon & "flowy" things seem to be the norm in the fashion blogging world, Krystal takes edginess to a new level. She can rock out a pair of jeans, a blazer, boots & feathers in her hair like none other.

When she announced she would be collaborating with Coach to design a bag, I was hesitant. I HATE Coach bags. The logo is everywhere and they just bore me to tears. Then, she released this beauty. You guys, I literally almost cried when I saw it. The buttery-soft leather, the heart & feather charms, the knee-length LEATHER FRINGE?!?!?! It's's me. I'm not going to lie - seeing it depresses me a little bit knowing that paying $500 for a purse just isn't something I can ever do.

But a gal can dream, right? (I pray for sales. Seriously.)

Krystal Simpson for Coach Black Fringe Shoulder Bag via Hillary Rush ($498)

We all have those pipe dreams. What are yours??


Mrs Munster said...

I want those tops! The wood holly one ROCKS! I've become more and more sensible for what clothes I buy. Came with the baby (then again, I bought myself today a leather vest. C'mon. Did i really need that????)

Linda said...

Let's be honest here - you ALWAYS need a leather vest. ;) And yes, that "Wood Holly" shirt is nearly making me drool!

Anonymous said...

amazing list! the fact that the coach bag has a feather AND heart charm really makes me want it all the more, it's stunning. I understand being bored by coach but I've always really liked their non-logo stuff. their leather quality is fabulous and wears really well plus the poppy line is pretty cute :)
You know, they have those Edelman's at Marshall's! I tried them on and felt kind of ridic. they are really overwhelming in person lol.

Linda said...

Charles: You know, I saw some Sam Edelman's that were ALMOST the Zoe boots at Marshall's a few months ago! I tried them on and loved them, though you're right - the shape felt a little strange. Ah well...I'll still keep my eye out for them. ;D

Everything about that purse is perfection to me. Every little detail is my ideal. *sigh*

NotSoTrophyMarineWife said...

I just posted my want list today. I've been lusting after the KVD adora makeup case and it dropped to 75$ but I still can't justify the splurge.

I have a thing for ironfist shoes. They may only be around 50$ but when I wear heels once a month and own 3 different pairs I can't justify another purchase.

Linda said...

Ooo, I love your want list, especially that Iron Fist bikini!!

And I'm glad you understand what I mean. It's not that $40 is an OBSCENE amount for a shirt, but it's just not something I spend every day.

Katie said...

Those boots are amazing!

Linda said...

Katie: I would love it if instead of babies, storks would bring gorgeous shoes like these to deserving people like you and I. ;)