Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way.

Oh my god, you guys. I swear that I have the most talented friends on earth. When my girl Sara (of Waitin' Round to be a Millionaire fame) started sketching pictures of herself in various outfits, I asked her if I could give her some money to make one for me.

All she asked for was a few ideas for clothing vibes I was feeling right now, and she came up with this:

Topshop jacket, Amplified Vintage tee, Girlprops fringe earrings, All Saints ring, Cheap Monday studded-knee jeans, Jeffrey Campbell platforms, MAC lipstick

Seriously. Not only did she NAIL my style, but she gave me damn good ideas for things I want to snag for myself! (I'm 100% buying those Girl Props fringe earrings next paycheck. I'm also trying to figure out how to DIY stud my own jeans at the knees without hurting myself.) Plus, she's only charging $10 per person for these! That's cheaper than a few gallons of gas at this point, and oh so fun. ;)

She's taking requests, so if you're interested, hit her up on her blog and request one!


Dreampop Designs said...

That's SO you!!

jinxmainstream said...

this is soooo cute!

Linda said...

Thanks, guys! I LOVE this drawing!!!

Mrs Munster said...

That really does look like you! Great style.