Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Badass on Etsy: Missy Industry

I'm starting a new feature here on Wrapped in Pink. I'm calling it...

That's right. I'm looking for the most badass things that Etsy has to offer. I'm determined this year (and every year following) to buy as much handmade stuff as I can. There are so many hidden treasures on Etsy, and once you sign on, you're sure to be browsing for AGES. I mean come on! Where else can you find turkey leg earrings or a necklace pendant with a boob on it? BUY HANDMADE!

For my first feature, I didn't have to think twice before I decided on Missy Industry. About a year ago, I purchased a necklace from her, and since the day I received it in the mail, it has been my #1 favorite piece of jewelry OF ALL TIME. (I suppose I should offer an apology to my wedding ring, but oh well.) The craftsmanship is amazing.

In her profile, she coins her creations as "Rockin' Bling for hip boys n girls". I love how all of her pieces are completely unisex! Also, she crafts all of her jewelry out of hardcore sterling silver, so they're sure to last. My necklace has taken a beating with how many times I've worn it and it still shines.

Here are some noteworthy pieces:

1. Misfit necklace ($58): This is the necklace I own. It's hardcore, heavy metal, but it's not so heavy that it hurts the back of your neck. Completely badass and amazing construction! (Plus, I have to mention that when I met Slash, the FIRST thing he commented on was this necklace.)

2. Cameo Skull Necklace ($90): You guys, how freaking adorable is this?! It has an edge and a sweetness all at the same time.

3. Champagne Ring ($90): Whenever I see this ring online, it makes me inexplicably happy. I blame the bubbles.

4. CARDIO Silver Anatomical Heart Necklace - Mini Version ($52): The normal heart-shape on a necklace is so played out. I love the twist of having this one be anatomically-correct. I would sit and poke the aorta all day.

5. Bull Skull Necklace ($74): I die. I completely die. This is next on my "to buy" list. I MUST HAVE THIS NECKLACE!!!

6. Chainsaw Necklace ($68): Am I the only one who'd clutch this little chainsaw, make "The Chainsaw Noise" (y'all know what I'm talking about) and run around terrorizing people? Anyone?

7. Sugarskull Ring ($82): Since I started looking at her shop, this ring has ALWAYS stopped me in my tracks. The details are ridiculous.

I'm going to be featuring Etsy shops I love regularly! Let me know what you guys think!


Cassykins said...

I'm really digging this one

Linda said...

Oh, I LOVE that octopus. The details on her jewelry always completely amaze me. :)

Schmoo said...

She's been a favorite of mine lately, too! I saw the anchor pendant and thought of you.

I can't wait to see some of your other favorites. :D

Linda said...

I completely adore her. :D I already have at least three other Etsy sellers that I have my eye on, so stay tuned!

FairGotham said...

Hey Linda! Where do you get your hair dyed? I'm new to Baltimore and love your color!

Linda said...

FairGotham: Hey there! I go to Sprout Salon ( and I see Holly. She's truly amazing!

Mrs Munster said...

Please don't show these things in your blog :) I want them all and I really cannot have them at all. I love the safetypin one!

Linda said...

Nope. Too bad. I will feature hotness if I want to!! ;)

Lily Seymour said...

I'm a Etsy whore, just check out my vintage egg vases I bought to store my makeup brushes in -

Linda said...

Lily: Whoa! Those are awesome! Completely amazing find.