Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mixed Signals

I know, I know. I'm the worst blogger ever. Truthfully, it's because I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to revamp this blog a bit and start taking it in a bigger direction! We'll see if it gets there...or if I decide to just sit on the couch and eat more pizza. No, I kid I kid. It'll get there.

For now, I'm actually giving you *gasp!* an outfit post! I haven't done one of these in a hella long time, and the location isn't the best, but I felt cute yesterday and had to take a few pictures.

I bought this dress when I was in NYC in April, and I'm only just now getting to wear it. It's made of the softest cotton imaginable, which makes it great for the OMG Balls Hot(tm) weather that Baltimore has been plagued with lately. I think next time I wear it, I might swap the ribbon "belt" for a real belt...maybe in red. Hmm...

I originally had some black sandals on with this, but they made my 5' tall self look even shorter/stumpier, so I strutted on in my leopard wedges by Candies. I LOVE these babies, but unfortunately, they're nearing the end of their lives. There are currently Band Aids (yes, literal Band Aids) inside the shoe to make it so my toes don't fall through the holes that wore thin in the lining. Ew.

I paired the dress with my all-time-favorite boobs necklace from Missy Industry on Etsy.

I decided that for once, I'd let my hair do its thang and I left it straight and loose. It's getting so long that I don't even know what to do with it anymore!

So that's it for now! Coming up, posts on: my first impressions with a new (to me) makeup brand and...well, I suppose I can talk about it. I'm going to try to start having more "street style" on this blog. I have business cards on the way, and I'm going to start snapping the looks of people in Baltimore...and beyoonnnnddddd! It'll be hard for me to get used to just walking up to strangers and asking for their pictures, so wish me luck!

xox Linda

Edited to add: Oh holy crap, please ignore how gross my floor is in these pictures. Behind that door is my cat's litterbox, and when she leaves her box, she likes to do a fancy, gymnastics-esque dismount and kick litter all over the freaking place. It obviously made it into the picture.


Mrs Munster said...

Nice to have an outfit post from you. Loving the dress. Looks adorable on you.

Dee said...

Love the dress and necklace. You look super cute.


Anonymous said...

Love those shoes, I have a pair like them and they're falling apart, too-- they really do go with anything. ~ B.

Linda said...

Mrs Munster: Thank you! I wish I wasn't such a slacker on outfit posts, but so it goes. ;)

Dee: Thank you! :)

The Fashionista: I know, right?? I wish I could find another pair of leopard wedges I loved this much. What brand are yours?

junee said...

i love the dress and wedges, even though they're different types of pattern but they somehow go together. i'm 4'8 so i feel your pain on avoiding the stumpy legs but your legs look really long here.


Ra: said...

stripes stripes, stripes!!! LOVE your outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous!!! <3