Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This weekend, for the third year in a row, I'm SO FREAKING EXCITED to be going to the M3 Rock Festival here in Maryland. Basically, this festival is what Rocklahoma used to be like...before they started adding bands like Disturbed. *shudder* I mean, look at this lineup!!

Now, I'm well aware that for some, this lineup looks like the soundtrack to what they would hear if they went to hell. I know not everyone is like me and thrives on the scent of Aqua Net as much as they survive on oxygen. I know not everyone owns a teasing comb (though you should. Trust me..). Whatever. All I know is that this is my Woodstock. My Bonaroo. My Coachella.

Naturally for something like this, I start planning my "look" pretty far in advance. While I wasn't sure of the outfit yet, I was sure about the hair for the longest time. I envisioned...

Long, flowing, feathered, messy locks. It would be a bit of careless rock n' roll in a venue where there will be so many that are perfectly coiffed. And if I may digress for a second...I'm not a "fan" of Vanessa Hudgens really. I haven't even seen High School Musical...but OMG, you guys, how CUTE did she look at Coachella this year??

The loose hair, high-waisted acid-washed cutoffs, the fringed purse? Adorable.

ANYWAY. So yes! All was well and good in the world of hair. That is, until... (*cue dramatic music*)...

Okay, so I realize it's not that big of a deal. It's just going to be a little frustrating being at an all-day concert in the rain.

Oh well! That'll make for some great pictures and mudslides, eh? ;) This does mean that my idea of long, flowing locks would also quickly turn into "drowned rat". So I changed up my idea a bit! I'm thinking of going with something like this, but I'll take any advice I can get.

I'm thinking...Lolita. Messy. Braids. Slightly Boho. How would you guys wear your hair on a day where you KNOW it'll be rainy?

I'll give a full report on the concert next week!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL your weather chart cracks me up. I fucking hate that shit. Your hairspiration is fabulous though, I just love those feathers!!!

Mrs Munster said...

BLOODY HECK. What an amazing line-up!!! Why don't we ever get a lineups like that here (because people like emo/numetal crap and not the good music). Well, I'm jealous and looking forward to have LOTS and lots of photos and detailed blog posts about the festival. Hope you have an amazing time.

Linda said...

Charles: DUDE. I'm beyond annoyed at the rain! I keep trying to tell myself that it only makes it *more* rock n' roll to party in the pouring rain, but I'm a girlie girl at heart. haha And oh yeah, I have a minor feather addiction. ;)

Mrs Munster: (Still love seeing you on here) And I KNOW!!! Best.Lineup.Ever. I can't believe that this festival takes place about 20 minutes from where I live. I feel incredibly lucky.

I'm going to try to take a ton of pictures and hopefully pics of strangers, too!

Mrs Munster said...

I dunno wot happened in blogger. I'm sure I did leave a comment few days ago then this post just disappeared.
But here's comment again. I'm sooo jealous of you going to see this absolutely amazing line-up. No way on earth would we ever get something this fab here (there just aren't enough people who appreciate the GOOD music). Looking forward to your report (lots of pics please!)