Monday, November 22, 2010

Higher Ground

Lately, I've been feeling that age-old emotion of the "need to purge". I look at my closet and very little in it inspires me anymore. The few pieces that DO inspire me and make me feel like a rockstar are over-worn at this point.

I was going to call this a New Year's Resolution, but let's call it a NOW Resolution. I will purge whatever I do not wear in my closet. This goes for you, hot sweater that I swear I will wear and never do. You're not exempt, gorgeous boots that I had re-soled, even though they never fit me in the first place. You too, t-shirt that the style is HOT, but I haven't worn you once.

My plan is to use the money I make from Ye Olde Purging (tm) and put it towards a new batch of clothes - ones that are of higher-quality. This means I will have to ban myself from looking at Forever 21 for a while. *sniffle* I'll make do somehow.

This picture has been inspiring the hell out of me lately.

We'll see where it goes from here...


Mrs Munster said...

Loveley, you're back!!!! I've been looking that similar style t-shirt but Motley Crue-one. That is very inspiring style tough. I tried last year to go with the "more money to good quality pieces" - and i/e/ if I'd get new pair of jeans, one old pair had to go...that system lasted probably a week :)

Sofi Stellar said...

I love that photo! It really is inspiring... :)

Annabel said...

good luck with the spring cleaning!
and that picture is sooo great, i love!