Tuesday, December 9, 2008


For what seems like years now, I've been craving the perfect biker-style leather jacket. Well, that's a half-truth. I wasn't so much concerned with it really being leather or not. All I cared about was that it looked good. Whenever I've come across a biker-style jacket, it tends to fit my small frame horribly and just look bulky.

Well, thanks be to the gods known as "H&M". On Black Friday, I was doing my usual 6 am shopping (I love it!!) and I passed by the H&M window. There on the mannequin was the most PERFECT faux leather biker jacket I'd ever seen. I ran (quite literally) into the store, only to find out that they had sold out of that jacket days ago. They told me to check back in later that day in case more came in. I resigned myself to thinking that the jacket had slipped out of my grasp.

Au contraire!!! I called hours later and they had gotten more in! IN MY SIZE! I gladly used my 20% off discount for Black Friday and snagged that baby up.

It has really been too cold here in Baltimore to wear the jacket out (in the low-20s), but I had to camwhore just a bit in my apartment.

(I hate that last picture, but it shows the zippers, cut and sleeves well.)

I'm happy I finally found my jacket!!!

Jacket: H&M, $39


Sara Millionaire said...

Adorable. I used to have a white leather biker jacket back in my punk days, I kick myself regularly now for getting rid of it. I've been wearing the crap out of my faux leather hoodie from F21, though. Something about cold weather just makes me want to dress like a biker babe! (Who am I kidding -- I always want to dress like a biker babe.)

Linda said...

haha I actually tried on a few white leather biker jackets at Angry Young and Poor (a punk store in PA) a few weeks back. They were all just so bulky! I'm jealous you had a good one...shame you don't have it anymore!

And I love your faux leather hoodie! I'm with ya, though. When it's cold, it's easier to bring out the leather (faux or real) and studs. ;D

Jeff Smith said...

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